New music to review (will return the favor) as of Jan. 9th!

I put 2 songs in my music website: the song on top is called “Way More To Me”, and the next song down (essentially an instrumental song) is “Guitar Wail in E minor” (the song title was meant to be humorous). Please tell me what you think of the music, and how it can be improved, and I can return the favor if you wish. Here is my link:


Hi aaron :slight_smile: I like the first one way more. Sorry, i couldn’t help myself and that is not true. I listen to a lot of songs over on the taxi forum. Thousands of folks competing for very few postings. Anyway, about 95% of those song submissions are for instrumentals for tv show etc. Your E minor is so much better than what I hear there. Not saying you should put up $300 to join, only a IMHO thangy.
I think I have told you before that listening and commenting on two songs is a thing for youthful minds. I can’t do it. If your songs were on this forum, I could make reference comments to certain minute marks etc.
The first song, to me has a great vibe. You sang it very well. I do remember that I thought the singing should come in a little earlier, just after the drums and that cool riff.
Just for curriosity sake check out some of the stuff at taxi. Go to the section peer to peer and also songs forwarded (good enough to be sent to inquiring libraries) Or success stories, you will see what I mean. Love your creativity
ps thanks for listening to my last snippet, i had forgotten about it :slight_smile:

Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it! Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to music, so I am totally fine with you liking one song a lot more than the other. If nothing else, I agree “Way More to Me” sounds more polished than “Guitar Wail in E minor”, in my opinion.

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you see aaron is was a corny joke. When i saw the title way more to me, i said …i lke that one way more…ha ha I shouldn’t mess with folks like that…acually E minor, because of it’s diferentness might be more saleable…i did love the vibe…peace aa

OK, thank you for the clarification. By the way, have you done business with Taxi? I know there are a lot of scams in the music industry. I almost got sucked into one myself many years ago. I read some consumer complaints about Taxi after I googled the topic. If you have done business with Taxi, how have they worked out for you?

I was a member for two years. I submitted I think about 20 songs aimed at listings that I thought my music would have a chance. ($5 for each) Each time the screener indicated that my music sounded too dated. (no kidding I’m ancient) I also had a couple of in depth screening where they break down your track completely. . I think it was called it a custom critique? At the time they were $30. I waited each year until late December where the renewal price dropped from 300 to 200 bucks.
Anyhow, it didn’t work out for me because of poor quality and poor mixing. I also felt like it was like going to bingo with a potential of 25 prizes and an attendance of 600. ha ha

Thru my friends. I did find out, although they got forwarded to libraries, but hey never did hookup with anybody else higher up?
I visit there daily still learning and commenting. Somethin to do.

lovin the “Way more to me” Its a good mix congratulations :slight_smile:
If anything would make it slightly more punchy for your future mixes is a bit more attack on the distorted bass guitar. It seems like it has a bit of soft knee compression on it or a long release making it sound softer when it could likely use a bit more drive.

You likely still dont need the advisory of headphones but thats just me. I am listening to them on Trident HG3 monitors and it sounds fine to me. Also cross verified with Slate VSX headphones, Sennh and earbuds… I think you are ok lol.

great! another song from you that will get stuck in my head I will likely hum while doing my laundry :sweat_smile:

I like the feel the synths create. The delays create a lot of depth but I would be careful not to overdo it because it can make a bit of an aural mess of the mix if there’s too much or too many spatial effects bouncing around, The first song was fun but the second song feels a bit like it was thrown together quickly as an afterthought. It feels like a jam session…but it does have character and is still fun enough. The guitars seem a bit awkward but they’re ok.

Overall, you’ve got a fun and entertaining sound and style!

I agree with this

Aaron would get more comments if he posted his songs directly on this site.

On the one hand, nothing ventured, nothing gained. But I hate being taken advantage of for money. I don’t know if I have what it takes, but I have a bit of a dream to get my music in TV or movies; though I have hardly pursued it lately. I get emails a lot from Reverb Nation, but I haven’t given them any money. But in the past, I would google several companies (that were on Reverb Nation ads) and send them links to my music. I did not get so much as a rejection email. Zero response. Why do I have to pay money to get discovered? I won’t pay money to a job agency or a head hunter for engineering work. I have read articles regarding musicians that have gotten their music on TV or movies; but had to give away their music for free to get established in the industry. Reminds me of getting significant radio play with no pay whatsoever.


Thank you for checking out my music and replying! Yeah, I mix my music on headphones, so that’s why I always say that. Glad it sounds OK on your monitors and the headphones and the ear buds. You checked it more than I did! :smile: I do everything I can to get in your head during your laundry work. :wink:

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Thank you for listening, and for your comments! Will now check out your music.

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Hey mate,
Listening as I type and have not read any other comments yet. Also listening on new headphones via my laptop.
I’m loving the little flavoursome bits sprinkled throughout. They seem to be there for the purpose of linking sections and lines of lyrics rather than random sound effects, which is great.
Everything seems pretty much in its place, nothing is distracting or pulling me out of the mix at all. I’d probably argue that some accents or syllables of the vocals are jumping up in volume a touch and could use some gentle compression (usually the higher notes at the end of some lines that seem to be performed slightly more intensely).
Interesting end to the song too (Way More To Me). Not sure it really needed it, as it didn’t naturally flow, even as a disconnected outro - I actually stopped and checked to see if it was the same or next song. It’s not something stressing about give it’s a short section, but if it is there purely to push the song from 2:30 to 3:00, I’d just have it end at two and a half. But if you like it as a compositional twist and perhaps a cleanser of sorts, then keep it.

Listening to Wail now - Love that choral pad right before it rocks out. Sets up an eerie tone before you provide relief with the rock out section. I don’t mind the automated panning of the vocal, but strangely wanted the guitar to be a bit more stable to check out what it was doing more.

I love the flavours and styles you through into your tunes. I love how I don’t know what I am going to get, but it’s not chaos either! Good stuff.

Thank you for checking out my music and replying, I appreciate it! Will now seek out your music.