New music to review (will return the favor) as of Dec. 9th!

I put 2 songs in my music website, the song on top: “When I Rev Your Engine” (starts with a Pontiac GTO), and “Crawdad Aquarium Blues” is the next song down. Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor. Here is the link:

I’ve been busy doing I don’t know what, Aaron, but it is always reassuring to continue discovering new songs from you. You are so prolific it is hard to believe you aren’t mainstream.

When I Rev Your Engine was fun, but I really like the slide on the Crawdad Aquarium Blues, short but sweet.

Will Get Better in Time (I’m behind) feels like classic you. Your lyrics are always as good as your delivery. Can Have Fun as well. Reminds me of David Byrne when he’s rocking out but on steroids. I think you have more fun writing and performing new songs than almost everyone here or anywhere. I hope you never stop!

My last listen today is Creation. Quite philosophical. I can dig it.

I had a GTO with 389 power. ha ha Then I got married and got a Buick grand sport. :frowning: Great track vibe. Loved the intro and the power stuff. Can’t fault much bud. Maybe a little variety in the verse vocal line. Maybe not. You are getting some great rating in alt. Says a lot. Your vox on low notes is off a bit, but I don’t think on this tack it matters???
Like what was goin on in the other track, but have no words…sorry. You sure can put em out.

stay virus free

Thank you for listening to so many of my songs, and for the kind words, I appreciate it! Will now seek out your music.

What year was your GTO? Mine was a 2005, came with a 6.0 liter 400 HP V-8 that was essentially a Corvette engine. I’m picky about seats, and my GTO had by far the best seats I’ve ever owned. I bought it new in 2005 and sold it with 170,000 miles on it (in 2018), by far the longest I’ve kept a car. I can talk cars all day long, but this is a music forum. Anyway, thank you for checking out my music and reviewing it, I appreciate it! I will see if you’ve posted anything new…