New music to review (promise to return the favor) as of Sept. 12th! Radio play!

I put 2 songs in my music website: “Somewhere In the Sky” (alternative music) is the song on top, and “Surfer Sabotage” (surf rock) is the next song down. Please tell me how you like the music, and how it can be improved, and I promise to return the favor! Here is my link:

By the way, I got 3 of my original songs played on a small radio station in London, England played over the last several weeks: 'Space Rocket to Mars!", “Very Jaded Point of View”, and “I Heard You Say Those Words”. Those are on my music website also.


Congrats on the radio play and for getting two more tunes at the tail end of the conveyor belt. I’ll have a listen tomorrow night and leave some feedback.

Thank you! Interesting you should mention conveyor belts. I am a mechanical engineer. Off and on I have been involved with conveyor belt (mostly bulk-loading, and a little bit of package handling) design since 1981. Holy cow, that’s 39 years ago!

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That is funny and no, I have not been stalking you!
Ok, to the songs. Usual deal, typing as I listen, have not read any comments as of yet (besides your conveyor belt one!)

Somewhere in the Sky - Headphones on as instructed. Cool vibe to this. To me, something is up with the vocals. I can’t put my finger on it but they sound separate to the rest of the song. It may just be volume, or not enough compression (or not quite working settings maybe)? It’s not bad by any means, it just feels a bit separate.

LOVE that guitar solo section, particularly the first half. How did you get that overall sound? It works well with the other electric guitar to create a nice intensity. I liked this song. You described it well.

Surfer Sabotage - Very cool intro. I like that change after the intro, unexpected chord/melody lines there but awesome. The synth solo is a touch loud for me (how’s you get that sound. It reminds me of a band called The Van ( which is an obscure band that I really like.

I ended up listening to a couple more of your songs and I love your experimental mix of sounds and styles. Refreshing!!! Just a few balancing issues for me, but nothing mix breaking at all. Perhaps a couple of questionable notes here and there on some things, but then again, maybe not and that’s how it should be!!! Whatever the case, keep that conveyor belt going!

I don’t have any new stuff for bashing, but feel free to bash my first two “Under the Hood” videos I posted in the Recording and mixing section of the forum which is a series I’ve just started, where I break down in simple terms some things I’ve done in my band’s new releases.

Thanks Aaron, good luck!

Thank you for listening and replying (and even following instructions, ha ha)! I appreciate it. “Somewhere In The Sky”: the lead guitar has Line 6 PodXT Bogner Uberschall amp model, ProCo Rat distortion model, Line 6 Sine Chorus, and twin Cubase Ping Pong delays. For “Surfer Sabotage” the lead synth comes from a Korg TR-Rack (the rack version of the Trinity synth); from what I recall, it has a built in wah-wah effect you modulate with the keyboard joystick/modwheel. I will check out your videos.

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