New music to review (promise to return the favor) as of January 25th! With Yes member collaborator

I put 2 songs in my music website: “The Expectation” is the song on top: Jeremy Cubert (who has collaborated with Yes singer Jon Anderson on one song, and Yes bassist/guitarist/keyboardist Billy Sherwood on a different song) came up with the Chapman Stick parts (sounds similar to an electric bass), most all of the drums (playing a Zendrum), and the main lead synth towards the end of the song. I did everything else. The next song down is “You Can 2” was done by me. Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor. Here is my link:

The Expectation is pretty cool. I saw Yes twice- once in college in a quad sound setup, once outdoors in the 90s or 00s, don’t remember. But the bottom line is they were incredible both times. They were also very self aware how poetically nonsensical most of their lyrics are, and it is funny how some people like that and some people like my wife do not. This song is not overtly meaningful either, but I very much enjoyed it all. I really can’t tell where you begin and they left off, but I felt the synths were very Rick Wakemanesque, and in fact everything had a very Yes feel. I bet it sounds more like them now than the original track, Aaron.

You Can 2 does not disappoint. Again you are Oingo Boingo on steroids. Are you sure not Danny Elfman incognito? Your songs focus on creating intricate synth soundscapes with lush guitars and drums to get lost in. As a bonus you often add little lyrical stories that may be autobiographical or based on observations at large, but they rarely punch one in the gut with angstful poignancy. And somehow you manage to produce them en masse without actually ever sounding repetitive, and still each one is distinctive like paintings by Van Gogh but with good ears. You seem to be on a giant creative arc, like a musical rainbow always alluding to a pot of gold at the end but somehow never quite arriving.

Thank you for listening and for your comments, I appreciate it! I’m glad my ears are better than Van Gogh, that cracked me up! I will seek out your music tonight.