New music to review as of August 12th, will return the favor!

I put 2 songs in my music website, the song on top: “Want Me to Do” (kind of weird alternative song, it uses some Bark of Dog filter effects), and “Some Love” (mostly guitars, more conventional rock) is the next song down. Please tell me how you like the music, and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor if you wish. Here is my link:

As always, I’m not that quick to give feedbacks but I did nonetheless :slight_smile:

First of all, I think you’ll get more replies if you upload your tracks here instead of sharing links to SoundClick…

  • Want Me to Do
    Very special song but you mentionned “weird” for it, I agree and it’s not easy to get what you intented to do since it could be part of the “weird alternative song” :confused:
    By the way, I found the song catchy with very strong character and some very specific elements that make it unique, in a good way.
    I don’t really know what to thing about how mid-heavy are vocals whereas instruments sound a bit dulled…
  • Some Love
    Some more regular rock song, as you wrote but still has some crazy vibes in it, specially the synth solo!
    I would say the overall is very dynamic with lot of things at various levels, I suppose you did it on purpose.
    Very catchy as well, you have this ability for sure!

Thank you for listening to both songs & commenting, I appreciate it! I will see if I can find some new music by you.

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Whoa…this might be the first one i missed of yours. I have been nuts busy. First off, I can’t listen to two songs and remember enough to comment. ha ha I listened to some love and i was thinking that the into was way too long and then bingo it changed to a completely different vibe. I liked to sound of those initial guitars and the processing. I think you could make a completely different song there. You had a good chord progression going there. The rock part worked, but the guitar sounded a touch muffled. Your high singing notes are worth noting for the appeal they bring. On a personal note, i would suggest that you ask for reviews on one song at a time. I have a crazy rocker I am working on that I hope you review when it gets done. Best to you aaron

I always enjoy your music Aaron, it is well written and has a good sound. I notice that you’re are charting well on Soundclick, good for you!

Want Me to Do - Has an eighties vibe, I always like that, good synth sounds well put together, a bit repetitive in spots but that’s expected. Effected vocal works well here. Guitar solo is ‘VanHalenesque’ , well who isn’t I guess, but I’d like to hear something a little different even though it is well played. Good work overall!

Some Love - Nice change of pace after intro. Synth solo is a great contrast to rock rhythm underneath, nice touch. Vocals work well, do you ever sing without effects, just curious? Guitar solo is appropriate, good use of wah. I like the fadeout sounds. Good song overall, I like that you can smoothly blend a rock sound and synth music, it’s a good style.

I’m just thankful you will review one of my songs! I had a feeling you would gravitate toward the more conventional rock song; that’s why I described each of them. I will see if I can find any new songs by you.

Thank you for reviewing both songs, I appreciate it! There are times I don’t have my usual delay and/or reverb effects on my vocals. I often put Soundtoys Little Microshift on my vocals. I usually put a bit of distortion (usually DaTube from Cubase) on my vocals. If I have minimal effects on my vocals, I needed to layer them somehow, double-track them, or my vocals sound very thin. Will now seek out your music.