New music to check out (will return the favor) as of March 27th!

I put two songs in my music website: “When You Touch Me That Way” (has some guitar) is the song on top, and “The Design” (more guitar oriented) is the next song down. Please tell me how you like the music, and how I can improve it, and I will return the favor. Here is my link:

Hi Aaron. It says on your website headphones should be used. I am away for a week with no headphones. Unusual experience. The puter is highlighting both the bass and your vocal, bot are good. (when you touch me that way) As of so many of your songs before I have listened to, I hear a movie scene. that is good because, of what I read, that is your best shot at making money. I will listen again in a week when I get back to my second home. ha ha
Thanks for the comments on the last weird one I put up…peace man

Thank you for listening and replying! It is not imperative that you listen to my music with headphones; it’s just the way I mix it, and it sounds better to me that way. It would be a dream of mine to get my music in a movie, but I have not made a serious effort to accomplish that. Seems like a long shot; but sometimes you have to dream big to accomplish big things.

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The panning on the first song is sweet at certain parts, not even sure what exactly is going on but for sure it is cool how it is changing up in the speakers.

Thank you for checking it out and commenting, I appreciate it! I was probably panning a synth track or two, and there is probably various stereo delay effects happening.