New music to check out (will return the favor) as of Dec. 2nd!

I put 2 songs in my music website: “Exodus Through Egypt” is the song on top, and “Living Again” is the next song down. Please tell me how you like the music, and how the songs can be improved, and I can return the favor if you wish (leave me a link). Here is my link:

Hi guy Really like the vibe on living again. Intro was a little long, but enjoyed it all. Only nit I ever have is how long it takes to get to the singing:) Loved the intro guitar. It seemed a little more pronounced in one ear? The rock guitars kicked in with great attack. The singing had a little too much processing, but remember I am old :slight_smile: Sorry I can’t help you more. I just moved for the winter and don’t have anything set up yet. I don’t have any songs to review, but thanks for asking. dig your stuff


I really like the song. The mix was deep and clean for me. The vocal seemed processed, but I think they made sense within the scope of the song. Lots of interesting things in the background. Good job.

Thank you for the review! I reviewed your latest song as of last week I think.

Thank you for listening and replying, I appreciate it! I will now see if I can find your music.