New music to check out as of March 10th! Will return the favor!

I put 2 songs in my music website: “We Can Heal” is the song on top (I would listen to that first; it has Boz El Clapo hand claps), and “Makin’ It Through The World Now” (it sounds less polished) is the next song down. Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor. Here is my link:


I Like it.
Very catchy, and hip.
The melody is nicely crafted.
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it!

Hi Liked all the accents going back and forth in the background. The vibe is good. You must have to really prepare to be able to sing with such emotion. Makes the song.
The second one has a very recognizable riff I can’t put my finger on. Love the way it takes off after a bit. I hear something a little off tune wise and not the opening riff. Just a tad? I don’t have a new track to comment on. Been a workin fool as of late, not much studio time. best to you

Thank you for checking out both of my songs and replying, I appreciate it! Generally speaking, I think vocals often sound best with some emotion. I usually have to get my body tensed up to sing with extra emotion. Yeah, I have wondered if I accidentally ripped off the opening guitar riff(s) on “Makin’ It Through The World Now”; but if I have, I have never been able to identify what other song has that.

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38 special “caught up on you” …kinda like your second song…just a tad alike

Great stuff here Aaron as always, innovative, well written and produced. The guitar intro on the second one is familiar in a classic rock style but your change after that is all your own I believe. Are you having any luck with monetizing your music?

I enjoyed your Boeing story, always fascinated by airplanes and technology. Our forum here is small but if you wanted to start a thread with airplane and engineering talk I know I’d like that and I’ll bet others would too. We used to have a NASA scientist and one from IBM who shared stuff with us but they have moved on unfortunately.

Yeah, you are correct. The very intro on the 38 Special song does sound pretty similar to my tune.

Thank you for listening and reviewing my music (and work experience), I appreciate it! Here’s my big Game Plan, ha ha! I’m going to follow the Taylor Swift Business Plan. Give away my music for free until lots of people are downloading my music, and then start charging people if that ever happens. Only one, no two, no three, no four problems. I don’t look as good as Taylor Swift, and I don’t have people downloading millions of my songs. No, I haven’t made a penny on my original music, so I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon. I have no desire to go on tour, and I don’t have the chops to play any instrument or sing at a professional live performing artist level. Though thank you for asking. It’s really difficult to make decent money in the music business. I played in several bands in the 80’s, always playing synths, and not usually playing anything terribly difficult. A lot easier to sound better with a home studio. By the way, check out this article if you want to be the next Hans Zimmer or equivalent:

The Ugly Truth of How Movie Scores Are Made | Vanity Fair

By the way, in my previous job I helped design a hoisting system for loading missiles for the F-22 fighter jet. Though in truth, nothing that unique about the hoisting system.

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