New Mic and D/A converter - only audio stuff I've bought in a LONG time

You know you’ve been away from recording for WAY TOO LONG when you actually get excited about hooking up a Blue Yeti and a $30 behringer USB sound card.

And of course the little bag of candy from Sweetwater was the added bonus. There was a green laffy taffy in the bag this time. Yay! Those are my favorite.

The little red d/a converter (PC → dock → USB → d/a converter → cranesong Avocet) sounds great!! I’m so happy to have a digital signal chain from my work laptop to my speakers :slight_smile:

After 6 faithful years of being a talkback mic and zoom/skype calls at work, Neewer NW-882 finally kicked the can and started to die. At the time it was billed as the ‘worlds cheapest condenser mic’. Bought it brand new for $12.99.

Did a quick check and found out the mic is actually going up in value? Who would have thought??


Very, very cool!!!