New member!

Hi, my name is Gustavo and I live in Brazil.

Music is a hobby for me, and I play guitar since early 90s.

Started recording music as a hobby in 2011 with a M-Audio Fast Track Pro interface and Pro Tools 8 M-Powered.

Now I have an Avid Eleven Rack (since 2013) + Pro Tools 12.7. My home studio monitors are Rokit 5, and my computer is a late 2011 MacBook Pro 13".

I work ITB with plugins from Waves, Plugin-Alliance, Slate, Soundtoys, Eventide, and Izotope, primarily.

Thanks for accepting me on the community!



Welcome aboard!

Welcome Gustavo! Great to have such an international flavour to our forum… Feel free to join in the conversation. We also have a mix competition going at the moment here, if that is your thing:

If making/mixing your own original music or covers is more your thing, check out “Bash This Recording” as a cool place where you can listen to members’ music and critique it, as well as get a “3rd Ear” on your own productions:

Thanks! I’ll certainly submit some music for critics and feedback!

Welcome to this awesome community @Pingafuego ! You are in great company.

Welcome Gustavo! I started pretty much at the same time as you, in recording, and using very similar tools. Everything I know about making good music and mixes I have learned from this community, so I hope you have as good an experience as I have! I also work exclusively ITB, as do many of us here.

Looking forward to getting to know you and your music! And please visit our Membership Map thread and add your location!

Thanks, just added my location!

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Welcome. i look forward to reading you around.

Welome… very interesting forum name…
Boa Noite :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum! Hope your upcoming mixes are not as bad as mine or not as bad as 2014th Brazil’s soccer team!

You are most accepted and welcomed my friend. Anything we can do to help (or that you can do to help US), let us know!!

Welcome Gustavo! Take a seat. The sofas are very welcoming here! :wink:

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I hope!!!


E aí Gustavo, beleza?? I’m from Brazil too, but I live in New York now. Nice to see another brazilian around here. See you around! Abraço

Legal Ricardo!! Do you work with music in NY?

Nice to meet another brazilian!!


I’m the sound engineer for Stomp here in NYC, do freelance with live sound around the city and record/mix music and voice over in my home studio. Pretty busy, have maybe 2 or 3 days off per month but I love it!!

Rick, congrats for your career!!

Welcome Gustavo, I am new as well. Love to hear what you doing with your wave plugins. Anything with tape emulation?

@gredd welcome… good to see you here!