New member from RecordingReview....South Africa

New member from RecordingReview....South Africa

Hi Guys its good to be here. hoping to have a good time.


Wow, South Africa! Welcome Nkuja! We’re glad to have you. It’s a pretty good bunch, hope you have fun.

Please consider adding a map marker to our membership map, which you can read about here:
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Good to have you on here Nkuja… look forward to hearing more from you…

Hey man!! Welcome welcome :smiley: Great to have you here.

Question…for us westerners with short 3 letter names like me (Jon)…is there a nickname you might happen to go by?

Welcome Nkujankuja!

Welcome!! Great to have you here! Looking forward to hearing your work :slight_smile:

welcome. I look forward to reading you around.

Welcome to the forum. Glad you found us.

Welcome !
I remember you from RR,
Look forward to hearing your stuff.

Its a great site this, the guys have done a great job