New "interem" studio

New "interem" studio
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Just moved last month and i have a century home on the property that currently has a workshop in it on the main floor. So i am hoping to some day turn the upstairs into my studio. Problem being that i live in the great white north and the upstairs is not well insulated among other issues so i am setting up in the main house. The two picture are the bass traps i made on sunday ready to install in the live room. The other picture is the my view from my office/control room so you can see presents another set of issues.


Wooh, very cool looking space though! Do keep us posted…


Thanks Emma. I will.


Nice place, How much space of the upper floor would you need for the studio? If you were to fill in the open section that would mean a lot of work and cost for you.


Yeah that is why in the future i will use my other building. For now i will work in this open section and see what i can do. It may take a while to get in tune with the space.