New home for the New Year

Styles Bitchley in the house, hoping to add some music and hilarity to the community. Looks like there will be some inspiration here to help the creative side come out, and it will be fun to watch it evolve.


Welcome home styles!, music and hilarity are encouraged…I take the two-edged-sword approach, I kill em’ with laughter with my muse_sack!

Time to dress up your avatar and user card!! :wink:

Not that there’s anything wrong with a pink “s”.

You know the default avatar color is based on the persons’ browser history.

Hellooo… welcome!!


Cake sounds good right now!

hi all :wink:

i have a good feeling about this place…

its also good to have a forum that doesn’t lag so much!
a very welcome new year addition to my online networking.

looking forward to getting motivated and psyched to produce and create some great music with you guys this year.

all the best to everyone involved


Welcome Styles and Iain! Good to see you guys coming over. Critical mass seems to be gathering rather well… :beach_umbrella::vhs::microscope:

i even dropped the annoying monkey avatar at last lol

I think this place is really going to take off in 2017. I’m hoping that it keeps me inspired. I really would like to finish working on my 10+ year old songs. lol

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same here! except some of my unfinnished ones are more like 22 years+ lol

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My problem is I keep finding reasons to make excuses not to finish.

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@LazyE!!! Welcome! It’s like a family reunion here! :grinning:

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Good to see you here Styles!

You too, let’s kick out the jams.