New guy in town

New guy in town


Hello all.
I’m recently new to IRD and wanted to introduce myself.
I grew up in the 80’s and wanted to become a recording engineer.
I play a little guitar but unfortunately I’m not a very good musician but I love to play the shit out of the 3 chords I know. Going to concerts as young kid I always found myself hanging out by the sound board watching the engineer do his or her thing. Music is always been my hobby but I find it hard to come up with a piece of music to then practice my recording, mixing and mastering skills. I probably should focus on just one thing. I joined the site just for the IK mix contest but the more I visit the site and learn to navigate my way around the more I enjoy being here. My name is Todd and I’m happy to be part of the group. Thanks for having me. Take care all.


Hi Todd, and welcome!


Welcome, son.


Welcome to IRD!! Awesome to have you here, and I’m looking forward to hearing your work as it progresses. Keep in mind that we love answering questions along the way, and there are no dumb questions… so fire away!!


How long would it take for a potato to explode in a microwave given that I’ve already inserted a lit firecracker inside of it?


That is easy. Never. The hole from the firecracker, and any subsequent holes caused by the explosion of said firecracker, means that there will be no pressure build up therefore no explosion.

Welcome Todd, I look forward to reading you around.


I’ve sealed the hole.


Well then the question is really how long does it take for a potato to explode in a microwave and the firecracker is a rabbit hole, because once you sealed the hole the firecracker went out. Hmm that might add something special to the explosion. I think i will have to run quite a few labs. Great question.


Hi Todd Nice to meet cha. Nice group here who are kind and helpful. Lots of fun too. welcome




Welcome Todd! Glad to have you with us. Hope you stick around, you’ll get plenty of support and help here to take your music to additional levels…



Welcome aboard, glad you found us.


Welcome aboard, Todd!


Hi Todd


Hi Todd, welcome to the group.


I want to thank everyone for welcoming me to the site.
We seam to have good solid group of people here.
I’m already feeling at home.
I have already received some great suggestions and help.
Thanks again.


Welcome to our little corner of madness on the internet. I’ll think you’ll find that we’re a friendly tight-knit little group of homies, who each have our own personality.


ahh - multipal personalities


Welcome Todd :+1:


There’s a new kid in town…Everybody’s talking bout the new kid in town.

Welcome to the forum! Good to have you here.


Hi Todd! welcome and there were some great songs created from just 3 chords!