New guy from North Carolina

New guy from North Carolina


Hey all,

I’m a singer/songwriter type, along with guitar/keyboard. I used to be in rock bands in NYC, now I sit in my home studio with one little window and crank out songs. It’s actually more fun. :smiley: I just found Indie Recording Depot today. Hoping to learn as much as I can from y’all and maybe share some songs for mixing help.



Hey Dave - Welcome! Just listening to “Me & Mona Lisa”: Killer hooks, mate! Great to have you here!

Sounds like “Bash This Recording (BTR)” might be the place you’re after:

That said, listening to your music, sounds like you might already know a thing or two, so feel free to jump in and join the fun!


Welcome Dave! Glad to have you with us. Looking forward to your interactions here on the forum-- pretty good bunch here!

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Welcome aboard Dave!
I love the kind of music you write.
And you do it veeeery good.
Already downloaded them! :wink:
Have fun here!


Awesome to have you here! Thanks for joining us :beerbanger:

I’m really looking forward to hearing what you’re up to and feel free to dive right in on the conversations. Welcome!!


Welcome Dave.

Glad you found us.


Hey Dave. Greetings from across the border lol.

I used to live in Raleigh when I played with The Embers. Good to see a follow Carolinian on here :wink:


Welcome to our wonderful community, Dave!


Hi Dave I’m the old guy here. fun place…lots of smarts…nice folks…welcome