New FytaKyte Single Release "Disconnected"

Have you ever had “one of those days?”

Here’s “Disconnected”, from the forthcoming FytaKyte album entitled: “NonTrending.Unfluencer”…

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Yeah the video took this to another level. Those horns or whatever you used is sooo powerful.
Take this with a pound of salt, and being half deaf, I finally could hear your great voice until I think from 1:38 for that series. I know you are done with this and I think this could fly. The video backing could also have been a real live take of what we go thru on a daily basis showing a dude screaming and pounding on the wheel etc. ha ha
you are a true artist. I hope the best for you

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This is so cool, the video, and your music, so good!!!
I love your vocals on this recording, and the guitar solo is so nice!!!
Simply beautiful.
I am digging this whole production!!!
I am truly connected!
Very well done!

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Sounding great! and the video turned out awesome!! :beerbanger:

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I’m a fan!! Well done :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

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Another tackle box of hooks and some great guitar. I’m all in.

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Oh boy, I knew this was a rad-ass track the first time I heard it but to have that sweet visual over the top takes it to a new level, he did a great job.
Production wise the music is AAA+, movie soundtrack material. Can’t wait for the album, brilliant stuff.

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Thanks Paul. Yeah this is very much done and dusted - thanks for listening/watching/commenting - much appreciated!

Aww thanks Rene - you’re always so complimentary!

Thanks Holster!

Thank you - much appreciated!

Haha - such a turn of phrase you have, my bluesy friend!.. a veritable mountain of metaphor

Thank you, Terry!

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