New Free Plug–in from MAAT

Hello folks,

We at MAAT have another free product for you all. Our GŌN goniometer (phase angle visualization) is a very faithful recreation of the oscilloscope experience, without taking up room on your producer’s desk or meter bridge!

This “phase scope” plug–in, in AU, AAX plus VST 2 and 3 formats, quickly conveys global trends, with a visual out–of–phase warning built in. Plus, an optional auto–gain feature insures that you’ll see an understandable display with a very wide range of input amplitudes. So as not to bog things down, GŌN is economical of both screen real estate and host computer resources.

Did I mention it’s free? Head on over to the product page and check it out…We think you find it fun and useful.

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Fantastic! I love these things!

One of my eye opening moments was a mix of mine that I thought was great, but sounded a little flat. I heard about using a goniometer to check the spread of the mix and compared my mix to a commercial mix. Crikey! The difference was ridiculous. The commercial mix had a beautiful spread, and mine basically looked like a vertical line down the centre!

I’ll be sure to check out this freebie - can’t argue with the price!