New EP

My band The Cretins did a four song Marvel Comics themed EP split with another band. The first two songs are ours. One original and one cover. I recorded/mixed our tracks and pseudo mastered all the tracks. If anyone would like to have a go at mixing one of ours let me know.


Thanks. Would be a miracle child because we’re so old. We toured with the Lillingtons 20 years ago. But obviously you can hear where we get our influence from.

We’re heavily rooted in that 90’s pop punk. We stray from it here and there but it’s still just three (and sometimes four) chord pop punk

Here’s our last album.

We have another in the works that should be out in October. Took a break from recording because it’s been a hot and muggy summer in New England

Fun music. Good job. :+1:

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Fun songs. Great job !

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Great work on the project @murf214! Thanks for sharing this. We’d love to hear how you recorded and mixed the project if you don’t mind sharing :beerbanger:

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Thanks @holster. I use Logic Pro X. For interface/pres I used an RME Babyface and a Behringer ADA8200. I recorded the drums using a pair of ISK Pearls in an x/y pattern for overheads and close mic’d the toms and kick with the cheapo CAD mic pack. For the snare I used an SM57. My drummer is a lefty and plays open so his ride and hi-hat are on the same side. The ride is practically above the hi-hat so I put anotherSM57 under both because the overheads don’t capture them enough. The bass is direct and with a stock amp sim in logic. I doubled the guitars using one of my amps into a Two-Notes Captor and used the Two-Notes Wall Of Sound plug-in for my IRs. For the vocals I sang into an SM7b and I doubled them. In the mix I kept the double 10db lower than the main vocal.

For the mix, not sure what to say. I use a lot of mix bus processing. Mainly because I’m the one who will be “mastering” it and I want it to sound the way it’s going to end up only quieter (I shoot for -16-18db RMS when mixing). For the “mastering” (on our stuff) I just clip it a couple db with k-clip and then use Ozone 8’s maximizer to get the desired volume. When mixing I bus like elements and treat them as a whole. If there’s questions about an individual element or what plugin, amp… I use, I’ll gladly answer. Thanks


Great write up! Thanks for sharing the details!! That had to be a bit of a challenge having the ride so close to the hihat. Dang!

He’s a very unorthodox player. He uses two floor toms. One where a lefty kit would have it and another near his hi-hat.

Sounds like it! Seems like a fun challenge

It has been. Even though I’m a guitarist, drums are my favorite instrument to record/mix. We’ve been working a new album and have recorded demos for each song. Each time we recorded I experimented with mic placement. After several tweaks I finally found what I think works best for our situation (room, gear, ability). I left the mics in place so we can record any time with minimal setup.