New EP & Video

New EP & Video


Hi all, just thought I would share this - This EP that I mixed has just been released, along with a video for the first single:

The EP:
…& the video:


Great job man! And thanks for sharing this! Exactly the kind of stuff I’m pumped to see more of around here!! :beerbang:


Yeah boy. Another good one from you. Thanks for sharing.


Well done Andrew, you must be feeling made up to see your work used like this.


Thanks guys - and thanks for all the help in getting the mixes into shape on BTR - much appreciated!

As a side note, after we finished mixing, the band asked me to produce a short piece of electronic “Intro” music for their live set. We came with a little minute-or-so long sequence using some bits from the mix stems, as well as some synths and drums that I put together… to my surprise, they asked me if I would be ok with them using it to introduce the EP, which I agreed to, of course! Here it is:


I am not surprised at all but then i am a big fan of your work so… That sounds really cool. By the way i am also a fan of angels and airwaves and that is what that Prelude reminds me off.


Like the variety from calm and clear to kick ass power. Like to hear his vocal in the power slightly more. I heard every word easily in the first part and couldn’t wait for the chorus to see it if I could still follow the storyline. Great track…congrats




Sounds awesome dude :slight_smile: Great work ! Great intensety and clarity so for me this is a very nice job !