New David Tyo Mix Contest (Nov 27 - Dec 25)

Well there’s one way to get your album mixed :rofl:

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Lol get about 500 people sending mixes in,chose the one you like best and pay £200

Yep. It’s a pretty brilliant idea really. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Waste of time really .

How so? You practice mixing someone’s song and you might make $200? Worst case, you get better at mixing. :+1:

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Yeah suppose so mate

Is anyone working on this? I’ll have a first-pass soon… but man the chorus vocals! It’s like the previous track where sometimes his voice just gets right out of control for a second. Good times :rofl:

I’m on a “break”. I literally mixed everything else before trying to tackle those. I’ve hit a wall and need to get some distance. Ugh. :crazy_face:

Yeah that’s where I’m at… just the chorus and bg vocals then some automation tweaking… I think I’m going to tackle the vocals tomorrow with fresh un-pummeled ears :rofl:

This song was NOT what I was expecting after that first one! :wink:

Right? His next mix contest will likely be gangster rap :laughing:

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