New Beginnings!

New Beginnings!


Peeeeeeeeeeeeace BeLoveds! I’m Lotus singer, songwriter and intuitive guitar strumma. I am looking forward to connecting with beautyfilled creatives on here with hopes to build genuine connections that will assist me on iJourney as I assist in some way…I believe in the Law of Reciprocity. I’m a total newbie to the music scene, but I am so grateful to finally be here after putting my gifts under a rug for so long.


Welcome to the forum i look forward to hearing your progression. So far I have found it to be both a painful and enjoyable journey.


Welcome LotusFlyy! Feel free to post some links to your music here. If you need some extra ears to help out with your recordings/mixes, check out the “Bash This Recording” section here:

BTR runs on reciprocity, BTW! All the best!


Super cool to have you here @LotusFlyy!! Hit us up with any questions you have along the way. I’m pumped to hear your work as you progress. :+1:


Welcome @LotusFlyy! Delighted to have you with us. Great intro, and you’re in the right place. This is a fantastic community. Looking forward to sharing the journey.

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Love your philosophy:-)
Look forward to hearing your music :slight_smile:


I give thanks for such a warm welcome! I am looking forward to sharing ijourney with the community…surely can’t do it alone. This is already amazing!! I give thanks for the one’s who made manifest to this gem!


@LotusFlyy Welcome! This community should be just the thing you need to get going. Glad you have made it here.


Hey LotusFlyy. Always a pleasure to meet a new member! :smiley: