New bass

New bass

Got the last one of these available for sale in NZ - mine looks better than the one on these pics… the neck and the body are the same color :slight_smile:

It’s much easier to play this one than my Squier P Bass… happy with my purchase (have been mostly buying video gear this year otherwise…)



Geddy Lee (Rush) went from a Rickenbacker 4001 to a Fender Jazz Bass, so I find that interesting. I have a Rick and P Bass Copy, so the sense of classic play-ability vs newer technology interests me. A few newer bass models, like Warwick, really impressed me. But does that extinct older tech? I know it’s all about experience and performance, but what is the most important criteria?

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A Jazz bass has a much slimmer neck than a P bass, so for a lot of people the Jazz Bass is much more comfortable to play.

I personally love the Jazz Bass necks, but I much prefer the P Bass body and sound. So I got a P Bass with a Jazz neck. Perfection.


Crikey, some of those Warwick basses are costly - I also prefer the classic Fender look… sticking to my own era, so to speak…

Yes, I wanted a Warwick or something like it, but the cost was too prohibitive. When I sat down in a guitar shop and played some of those newer (and costly) bass creations, the play-ability was “like butter”. I don’t know why they felt better to me, or how they do it, but it sure was nice.

I do really like the Rickenbacker look, and the classic history. It plays pretty well, but I keep remembering that silky Warwick feel, even years later. Someday …

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I just scored myself a Fender Jazz this year too. I’m not a collector or instruments, so despite playing bass for 24 years, it was only my 3rd!!!

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