New audio project! :)

I can’t give up many details here other than that its going to have very good sound :slight_smile: But OMG when I read the script it just had to be one of the most adorably cute and relatable stories I’ve seen turned into a game. Super super top-notch talent working on this!! What an honor to have this in the portfolio!!


What a great concept! Wish I had thought of it!

What a killer gig. I’d love to know how you landed it.

Referral from one of the voice actors who was cast in the game :slight_smile:

That is so cool!! I remember seeing that game presented at E3 and thinking it looked quite interesting. I guess I won’t get to play it if it’s only for VR, but otherwise I probably would. Good luck with it!

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Do you have a playstation? I can’t imagine they won’t do a standard version of this… Seems like they’d be cutting off a ton of their buyer market by not releasing it in both formats. This thing is geared at children and young teens…I mean how many playstation owning families with kids also happen to have VR helmets randomly their living rooms? Ya know?

Yeah we just bought a PS4 a month or so ago during a sale they were having. Hopefully it’s not just for VR; I don’t think they’re even that common yet. But it’ll probably take some really good exclusive games to get people to buy them, so they might want to keep games exclusive for that reason.