New Album "Prana Zone"

Pleased to announce that my new Album “Prana Zone” is out on itunes, it was a struggle to finish it during these times but I am glad to have it done. It is a collection of relaxing and energizing tunes I have composed over the course of last few months. The Album is inspired by Yogic mainstream and background. It takes you on a transcendental journey if listened to in a sequential order.
Some of you might recognize some tracks from the bash forum, some are new.

I have enabled full song previews on spotify… enjoy

Also Some new work in progress for upcoming album…


Congratulations on releasing your a
Abum, Michelle!

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Very nice! I guess you have to have a Spotify account to hear the previews though? I don’t have one. I was able to do the previews on the Apple Music site though.

Overall, how much of each song is acoustic/human performances, and how much is programmed sounds or loop libraries, if any? For example the harp in Song of Sarawati. Did you do all of the production yourself, or did you farm some of it out? I’m just curious about your process in producing the album if you have the time and inclination to write a bit more about it.

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It is a mix of things, most piano and harp is played from a midi keyboard , all woodwinds is played by me on a live flute or piccolo. Most cello, contrabass, french horn is recorded live, played by my friends from the quartet group. Large String ensembles and choir are kontakt libraries. Some percussion like the Tabla, snare and maracus, bag of stones etc are pre recorded live in my studio as loops and used wherever seen fit. Some tracks use techno repeaters and worship pads. They are things collected over time and used in the creative process.

Yes the production is mine .

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Nice. Make your own loop library!

Interesting. Something like this? I always wondered how they got the etheric space/floating sounds in New Age music, and this sounds just like that or very close.

Yes i do have that worship pad library. They are usually made with synths , the ethereal sounds are generally semi conflicting binaural waves, pentatonic or lydian scales. I messed with with them in my early electronic music days, they are fun to play with. Though now I have simplified my approach to a select few instruments and pads. I now tend to write scores that can be played by a small group.

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Fascinating! I had always wondered about that. Thanks!

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Beautiful music @FluteCafe, it stands on its own or works as background, underscore or theme music for film. Obviously influenced by Indian music but it easily crosses over to appeal to a wide audience. I listened to the Apple previews and didn’t hear any vocals, do you have any on there? There are libraries of phrases etc., just a thought. Very nicely done!

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Congrats Michelle! Thanks for sharing, I’m looking forward to checking this out!

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Thank you. The Album was actually an idea that originated from a friend of mine who owns a yoga studio in Napa. She was looking for yoga dance workout music for her clients and I thought it would be great to compile an album for her from some of my work that fit the theme.

I sent her a few hundred CDs to distribute to her clients as part of her workout program but then this darn pandemic hit and her studio closed. She is still doing online video sessions and using the music though.

Not any lead vocals, just some background ones.