Neural Amp Modeler

Anyone have a look at the Neural Amp Modeler plug or capture software? The stuff on YouTube is sounding pretty darn good… and it’s free and open source. Think it will take a serious bite out of the Tonex market? Lots of free models being passed around already. I loaded up a few via the plugin and they sound nice to my ears. Things are changing fast!


Not sure I have heard about it before, but thanks for posting the link. Sounds vaguely familiar from some time back, but I can’t clearly recall.
I downloaded the manual, but it’s a “Dummy” with nothing in it. To be filled later I guess. The website is a bit hard to discern and figure out what is what. I found some YouTube videos, as you mentioned, so I’ll start there.

Any info on how you installed it and loaded the models (i.e. “step-by-step”) would be much appreciated, to help get started working with it.

Yeah I didn’t even attempt the whole ‘create your own model’ aspect… I don’t have the amps nor the equipment to do so. I just went for the VST plugin and grabbed some of the amp models to try out. It’s still pretty basic but the sound seems quite nice. It lets you load an amp model and a cabinet IR (you can, of course, use an IR loader of your choosing after the NAM plugin.)

If you scroll down that GitHub page there is a link under Installation for releases.

In the v 0.7.0 area there is a ZIP file for Windows and that is the VST file.

Load that plugin as you would any other VST in your DAW. When it opens you can the select a model and an IR. The IR loader seems kinda fussy so I used an external IR loader.

There are models available on GitHub here:

There is now a Facebook group where a lot of models are being shared called
Neural Amp Modeler (NAM) Discussion

Also a web page has sprung up… but it’s new and only had a few models so far.

It seems like it has serious potential.

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I’m probably not interested at this point at creating my own models either, just wanting to try this out since it seems cool. I did figure out how to download the plugin, but that didn’t provide me with any models or IR’s. I managed to find a couple by digging around, but only a few and I’m not a FB aficionado so …

It looks like they have 12 right now, so that’s a good resource at this point. Thanks for that! Yeah, I have some collections of IR’s and IR Loaders so I can work with it. I think the open source aspect of this is quite cool, so it bears exploring.

Oh nice… that web page only had 3 or 4 models when I found it.

That 2nd GitHub link has an easy download of a whole zip file full of models to check out. Go to the green CODE button and click the ‘Download Zip’ option.

I’m not a fan of Facebook… but I do use it for this sort of thing. That group seems to be a very active resource and new models are being shared daily.

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Oh sweet, thanks again! I had gone to that page but couldn’t figure out how to access the models. The files for what looked like models just seemed to be code. There’s like 130 models in that ZIP file, should keep me busy for quite awhile. :grin:

I haven’t heard of this particular one… This technology is great! I have Tonex, which I posted about here - It’s pretty damn good too…

That said, it is suited toward those who already have an amp/signal chain they like, and having the ability to duplicate the exact sound without all the racket.

For those going for an emulation, I recently picked up Softube’s Amp Room for $49 on special, and I have to say, it sounds amazing. Amp Room | Softube

We’re spoilt for choice these days! Just pick one and write some songs!