Neglect/heartbreak hope it gets to you

Wrote the lyrics last night and put together a quick demo. I know a child like this and it breaks my heart.


He’s just a little lad of four…he’s looking for his dad
He’d promised …he would play with him…again he’s fallen sad ? G A
He yearns for just a touch…. a love he’s never had G A D Bm
He thinks maybe it’s cuz he’s been so bad G A D

No one knows his loneliness… as he puts himself to bed GAD -2
There won’t be no sugar plums to dance inside his head G A Bm F#m G A D

His mama’s gotta head ache …she points outside… tells him to go and play
He sits in the grass watching folks go by …stays out most the day
Finally goes in … by the window he’ll stay
no-body… to talk to anyway

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This is really nice. The recording is really good too. I can hear a lap steel crying in the distance, and maybe one more background voice over the top from the second chorus on. Perfect song for your voice, keep working on this one.

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Hi Bob I was using my thumb and fingers on only three notes, but the rubbing of the strings I can’t get around. If I get too far away, I have to jack the volume too much? Right now I am about a foot away. I might go back and use my gibby for that. I am amazed how Rene pulls recordings off. Also the single strum between the two chords almost immediately loses it’s volume. Oh well, never sure what I am doing. Yes, I have been putting these out here to maybe get some colabs for any or everything. ha ha
Glad you liked it, that means I will dig in and do more. Nothing at all on that long intro right now. And yes, one can never have too many harmonies. Andy once told me not to have those bgv’s to up front, so I am trying to balance?
Thanks for your thoughts

So sad, Paul, and I feel it in your voice.
The lyrics are so real and easy to connect, and you make it so true!!!
You are so prolific, and your talent is just oozing out freely.
Great work on this creation, @feaker .
Love this recording.

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Hi Rene I would love to have you on board with me on some of these, but with your recording style it might be tough. thanks for the kind words. Not sure how long this spurt of ideas will continue? ha ha

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Have you tried a little compression on the guitar tracks? It can even them out a little bit.

Great question Bob. I usually don’t use compression. I go in and chop the track wherever I see or hear big spikes. Seems like when I use compression, it all just gets louder. haha I have isolated and listened to them and the quality is not as good as it should be. I will listen again and see if they even warrant compression? I did the whole song in just a couple hours. Just wanted to know if it rhe track was decent. I will get back to you on this. thanks much for the offer

If you use about 2 or 3 to 1 on the compression it won’t increase the volume, it will only take a touch of the louder parts down a little. In Reaper, there’s a threshold meter so you can see where it starts working, and you adjust how active it is. Most comps have a makeup gain switch; if that’s on, the volume will go up.

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I just went back and listened to those tracks. Bad news. I remember strumming one chord, waiting and strumming the other. Went back and connected them at hit dupicate. Only bad thing is the first chord has an after ring that sounds just like a ko ko clock. haha Will have to do that over tomorrow.
I tried some compression tho. Studio one gives you about five choices for an acoustic. I think there are paramaters to adjust. Gotta try that.
they always tell you to do good samples the first time. ha ha Too much hurry to get to the next level. I think I will redo both acoustics and maybe have you take a shot at them if you don’t mind. I kinda like the track even tho is is dark.
btw I see this little guy often and have offered to take him fishing etc, but nothing yet. Both heavy drinkers…sad stuff

Nice song, even if it’s a bit sad. Everything sounds good to me! Great job!

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I am so impressed by your “spurt of ideas”, and would love to be on board with some of your projects.
Don’t you worry, I am always onboard with your posts and recordings, @feaker !!!
Keep up the great creativity, and lovely creations!!!

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[quote=“ReneAsologuitar, post:11, topic:6422”]
spurt of ideas

Hi Rene I started another today about folks not bieng satisfied with themselves. Comedy flavored. Bob suggested some compression and a harmony track on verse two. I messed with it today. Comments not needed by you…you already have :slight_smile: just a follow up

A few more fills, a cheap intro and outro…done and movin on thanks to all

sorry i missed a few things…done honest :slight_smile:

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