Need opinions - Orchestral Dance Mix Bass Response test

So I am working on an Ariana dance mix video that needs some… well bass literally :sweat_smile:
The dancers being featured are some female pop-lockers (not twerks… get your mind off you know where :innocent:) )
Anyway, cello and double bass are used for most of the melodic bass.
Differences might be subtle but effect the overall mix in a noticeable way.

Which do you prefer 1 or 2 and why?

Thanks for the help!

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Ooh this is a tricky one… FWIW, both sound very nice in the low end

TBH I’m having a hard time telling them apart. Had to import them both into my DAW to do a proper a/b. Even then, I’m not sure I’m hearing much of a difference.

My best guess is that the 2nd one is hitting a little harder? Ever-so-slightly more transient punch? That’s all I’ve got.

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2nd one is using a wider Q on the bass line and bass is slightly stereo enhanced. I was just concerned if the bass was losing its tightness and got paranoid… if its near imperceptible then it doesnt matter anyway. Thanks for the detailed test!

Ah - Well there you go! I just checked and reversed the polarity on one of the tracks (which should expose the differences). They cancel out completely in the low end. All I can hear is some stuff in the sides signal, which is probably the stereo widening you did… So I would say you’re good to go!


I can’t hear a difference but they both sound good to me. I like the waltz melody against the 4 on the floor and I think the instrumentation works great too. Seems most dance stuff these days has more bass yet than that but I’m not a good judge of that either ( maybe you’ll do a club mix?)

But if it’s an Ariana dance mix wouldn’t you use Ariana’s music? Doesn’t matter, just curious. Good stuff!

Thanks for checking it out. Its for a dance / cover performance. Music is re-written for cover. Song is 7 rings by Ariana

Wow I read she’s paying 90% to Rogers and Hammerstein.

Yes she is lol… though it seems to be trend lately, maroon 5 just released “memories” - a copy of “canon in D”. Difference is that Pachebel is in public domain and “favorite things” isnt. Still it is irksome to see and hear when a blatant copy is made. I get being inspired by a song but … and I say this as I get ready to release a dance cover of 7rings myself :zipper_mouth_face:

I wouldn’t worry. After your first million you can call ms Grande or R and H and have a chat.

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