Need help with solo guitar mix

I recorded this solo arrangement of a well known tune direct in to Reaper. Then I did a mix which I have posted here along with the original DI track. I didn’t name the tune because I heard that the writer does not take kindly to covers but you’ll probably recognize it. Any suggestions or criticisms of the mix, arrangement or playing are welcome!

Mixed track:

Original track:

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Well done! I sure wish I could play that style as smoothly as you do. Great job! :beerbanger:

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Great guitar recording.
Very clear and extremely fluid guitar music.
Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you @holster for the kind words! Good to see you around here.

Nice playing. Little hitch at 22 seconds. Not much to pick apart. congrats

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Thank you for commenting @feaker , you bring up a good point. There are mistakes here, parts of this are improvised so I don’t think I can ever get all the way through this without something getting off somewhere. So even if I were to patch and edit there will still be something I don’t like so I just gave up and posted it. Now as to whether I would put it on an album or not, that’s a question you have helped me with.

Sounding good, Ingo.

I think the difficulty with solo guitar pieces is keeping the bass sounding full and the rhythm going while still outlining the melody so that there is a sense of continuity. Piano players definitely have the advantage there…

With guitar, it’s all down to arrangement, really. There are a couple of spots where I lost the sense of rhythm and momentum somewhat, but overall it was pretty consistent.

As for suggestions for mixing… It depends on how willing you are to be adventurous. I always find timed delays are very effective for filling out the stereo spectrum and creating interest with a solo instrument. They can also enhance the sense of rhythm and momentum. That can be done as subtly or as boldly as you dare…

Nicely done.

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Thank you for the reviews! Now listening to the original track. It sounds somewhat familiar. Now listening to the Mixed track. Are you playing the guitar? It’s good if you are. It’s not easy to sound decent with me playing guitar with no drums. Your audio quality sounds more appealing than the original, though maybe the original had different effects, or went through an amp or amp modeling (if it existed back then). I didn’t notice any significant mistakes…but wait, did you play the Original track also? If so, I hear a couple of slight imperfections in the Original track; for whatever reason, less noticeable in the Mixed track. It’s not unusual for me to hide minor imperfections with drums or cymbals. Even Pink Floyd admitted to doing that. Whatever the case, your Mixed track sounds nice!

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I hadn’t considered using a delay, thanks for the suggestion!

I sounds good. The only thing I’d say is don’t be afraid to go, but with the guitar tone. The tone seems very midrange heavy and narrow. You could try scooping out some mids and getting more stereo width to really fill out the soundstage. That is of course assuming that is what you want. If you want something more intimate like someone playing right in front of you in a small room this is good. Nice work.

@ReneAsologuitar thank you for listening and the encouraging words. I have been enjoying your music on IRD.

@aaron_aardvark thank you for listening and the helpful comments. I played both tracks here and posted both so that people could hear what I had done to try to enhance the recording.

I probably should treat this piece as a set arrangement and make it more consistent rather than improvise my way through it as some commenters have rightly pointed out.

Thank you @Chandler for listening and commenting here. That’s an interesting idea, I hadn’t thought of that, I’ll have to try that.