Need help on this mix

Need help on this mix
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Hi Guys,

Just finished mixing the instruments of this song. How’s it doing?
I hope you could help me out and thanks in advance. cheers guys! :beers:


Dayum, what a cool jam! This is one of those rare times where heavy stuff is so funky that it just grooves so hard - very cool!..Mix sounds great…

…now, if you can just keep Cookie Monster away from the vocal mic, it’ll be sweet!


Hi This is way cool. I like when you snuff out some of those notes. Great riff. Love to hear some vocals with this. Or maybe some way out there bgv’s. ha ha great stuff, congrats



Sounds a bit too brickwalled to me, maybe a bit too thick on the bass levels, guitars maybe a tad too hot.
The kick drum sounds too tubby to me.


@ColdRoomStudio Andrew thanks for appreciating the mix. I’ve been trying low end mixing lately like the way you do it. I hope I got close :sweat_smile: And don’t worry cookie monster wont be here. Its a rap metal track.

@feaker Hi Paul thank you very much. I have posted a new mix below with vocals. I think @Descent may be right about the mix. I have listened to it in multiple system and the guitars were harsh. especially around 4.5-5k. The kick was also getting in the way of the bass around 50hz. I have tamed the 50 hz for the kick and boosted a bit on the 100hz to compensate.

@Descent I have the same hunches with the mix as you did and I adjusted the levels. I followed your suggestions except for the bass because the bassist liked his sound in the track. I did tame the master buss limiter.

Please pardon the vocals as it has been sung in a native language. The new mix is below
How is doing now?


Definitely a bit more breathing room this time round. I loaded your initial voxless miss into my DAW and it looked like a block of Lego sitting there. Sounds great from where I’m listening, any suggestion from me would be purely subjective. Vocals sound great too.


Sounds good to me now.
What language is this? Portuguese?
Only thing I made out was “Capitan” :slight_smile:


I would have to agree the 2nd mix sounds great. I think the adjustments you made and also how the vocals fit in worked out your mixes sound top notch.

What are you using for the guitar sound and don’t leave anything out?


Haha nice! Actually its “Kapit lang”. But “Capitan” is the closest in spanish / portuguese :slight_smile: I currently live in the Philippines and the language is in the native language called Filipino. Thanks for appreciating the mix. Cheers!


Hi Jerze,

Thank you very much for the kind words.
For this one i used TH3 randall amp sim for the right channel. And TSEX50 for the left channel.
I bypassed all the cabinets and used an impulse I made back in the day using a 2x12 mesa cabinet with V30’s in it. I call it brianinogang’s impulse :smiley:

The vocals, yes it really took me sometime to figure out what to do with it. These are actually layered. For the verses there are 3 vocals running. the center is the most prominent and the other 2 tracks panned hard left and right. Theyre low in the mix but eqd to focus on high frequencies. They kinda give the center vocals some air and at the same time a bit of stereo effect. The most challenging part was the sibilance. l used spitfish to control those.

The chorus has 7 layers of vocals. The first 3 are like in the verses and the additional 2 takes were there to thicken the vocals panned 50% L/R. and other 2 are the backing vocals.



what drums are those?


Hi @Jon-Jon,

The drums were tracked in a studio with a pearl kit. Im not sure of the exact model as the band just gave me the raw files. It had a lot of hi hat bleed on the snare track so I added some samples coming from toontracks metal machinery. I also layered the hi-hat with a sample because the hi-hat track was clipping during chorus parts. the hi-hat sample used was also from metal machinery. I think that’s about it. I processed the drums using slate VMR and tape machines.