Need help on mix

Hi guys how are you all? Its been quite sometime since I last posted. I just got a new job and it really sucks that it takes a lot of my time from doing music and recording.
I just finished mixing this song for the first time.
I’m not quite sure if all is sounding good already. Please lend me your ears.
Thanks in advance.

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The intro has a nice build. I am digging it. Drums sound good, everything comes together well. I think you have a good mix going here.

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Hi Brian I missed this one. I Always comment on bash. Love when the power comes in. holy cow How do you get yourself up for that? Drums a bit too busy for me in the slow stuff…Remember I am old. haha
Almost like two different songs to me? Extremes are good I guess. I only got to the 3 minute mark. Really good stuff. congrats

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Just listening on headphones at the moment at work. I’m really enjoying the song so far!! :beerbanger:

I was listening to some major-label music prior to checking this out and one thing that stood out to me is the amount of low-end on this one. Although… it sounds awesome! I’m just wondering how it’ll translate on other systems. It may be fine. Its just compared to what I had been listening to. Just wanted to mention it.
Killer stuff!!!

Wow I really dig this tune!

Listening on headphones so as always take with a few grains o’ salt… and I’m writing this as I’m listening so it’s a bit stream-of-consciousness…

I’d echo what @holster said about the low end, but also add… the only place where I feel like it’s too much is the stripped-down verses. I’d almost automate a low-cut to the drums during these sections… I feel like the low end of the kick/toms swallows the rest of the mix a bit. Bass guitar is fine, it feels like the subs on the kit. Check your bus compression too, you might want to use the sidechain filter if it’s got one… almost sounds at times like the low thump is whacking it a bit hard. Snare sounds great… nice snap. Love the bass tones. Vocals are great, really dig the doubling effect. Also noticed the low end build up a bit on the section with the little double-kick rolls… around 3:45ish. Definitely where the floor tom is being used you get a pretty heavy low-end buildup as well. It’s almost like the floor tom and kick have a wide boost around their subs/fundamentals, so they’re less punchy and more round. Sometimes I’ll use a multi-band transient designer to shorten the sustain of the subs and that helps… but as always it’s usually better off to just address it with EQ.

Overall tho it sounds pretty great… listened to a it few times already cuz I like it!

Yeeah Im definitely ready to cut some of the low end… be right back.

And now well into the fourth quarter… this is how I hear it with 2 or 3 revisions… the last one was simply a more forgiving tape bias.

Hey, it’s always a real pleasure to listen to songs you mix!
Did you write it? It reminds me what Linkin Park would have done at time.

The mix is pretty strong and I found it very consistent, nicely balanced, nothing really wrong to me.
The only thing I would have done different is the drum tone during the calm parts: it has a very distinctive metal tone I found a bit odd for those parts (clicky kick, prominent hihat, lot of low end from toms, some kinda distortion on bass guitar…) I expected something more mellow there…

By the way, I really enjoyed your work, as usual!

From what I listened, it has less low end (obviously) and I found that I could hear a comp (maybe the 2bus comp) working and pumping at time which is not very nice to listen to…

Im pleased you know what goin on, cos it was well OTT. It might have pumped, but I might have too, just listening to it. Anyway, its pretty cool, but needs more work…

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