Need configuration help

Need configuration help


Issue; not getting a stereo signal into my recording program.

I need suggestion on how to route my mic into my interface. I am Currently singing through a

Condenser mic into a
Universal Audio LA-610 preamp into a
Lexicon MX300 into a
31 band graphic eq into
M-Audio interface into
Sonar X3 (bandlab version)

The LA-610 preamp has just a single output so after signal shows up in Sonar as either a left or right, not as stereo. If I choose to set up the track to be in stereo it doesn’t seem to be in stereo. How should I set this up to so that it comes in as stereo into the interface? Thanks for helping.


You have two inputs on the interface? Also, you should be going through the Eq before the FX.


Yes, I have multiple inputs on the interface. If I run it though the eq first, for some reason, there is no signal at all coming though. So I just switched it to get it going, that was 15 years ago now. :smirk:


I am running everything from the with a left and right cable and putting both into the interface.


I want to run the preamp strait into the interface but I can’t figure out how to get it to be stereo. If I were to do that, would I need to run it into a mixing board first to then send it out as stereo? Sorry to be a pain in the ass. :pensive:


You’re running a mono microphone into a mono preamp, so you need to select a mono input in Sonar.
The signal will be sent to both left and right channels in the master bus.

I would not recommend using the Lexicon or EQ in the hardware chain because it will be recorded with those effects and you will not be able to change the effects once printed.

I’m not sure what model of M-Audio interface you have, but it is possible to loop your recorded vocal track through the Lexicon and EQ via send/receive channels in Sonar, so that the effects are not recorded but only applied to the master bus when your export the song.


Thank you, I have always known about doing this but I never took the time because I was not too concerned about things when I first started recording. Now that I am more concerned about the specifics of the sound I am going to give that a try right now.


Sounds like you are attempting to put a stereo signal into a balanced input.

So probably your ‘stereo’ cabling thats making the sound disappear. The left and right signals are cancelling each other out.


Thanks, I will try switching that around now to see if that changes anything.