Need A Vocalist For Alt-Rock/Metal Track

Hey guys, I’m brand new to this site after a good musician buddy of mine directed me over here for the mix comp.
Anyway, imagine my surprise when I saw you had a collab section too.
I initially wrote this number for a song competition but I unfortunately run out of time before I got to lay down vocals, so I’ve decided to just put it out there and see where it goes.
Male or female vocal is fine, bpm is 137 in the key of Cm. Anything else you need to know, just holla, cheers.

Do you already have lyrics or are you looking for someone to write them?

Can’t help with vocals… but I just wanted to say that I really like the track!

Hey mate, what you’re listening to is all I’ve got thus far. I had a pretty cool idea for a chorus vocal melody, but that’s about it, no lyrics.

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Thanks mate.

I dig this music and I feel like I might be able to come up with something. Would you be willing to share a rough mixdown so it could be pulled into a DAW and sang along with?

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Absolutely, it’s downloadable through SC if you want to grab a copy. Cheers.

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Got it. It took me a bit to find the link. And then I had to sign up for an account. lol


Sounds great and works for me as a stand alone. I was trying to sing along with it, but some of areas were a little too busy. ha ha Glad Big Al is going to give this a shot. cross your fingers


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What was the inspiration? What was in your mind (or life) as you wrote the music? A backstory can be helpful in imaging what the song/lyrics could be about.

Thanks man.

As I mentioned at the top, I’d originally started putting it together for a songwriting comp run by Serg Tankian (System of a Down), whereby he gave the first seven notes, and you build your composition off of that. So what you’re hearing is basically my interpretation based on that premise. Because I’d come to the party far too late, I didn’t even get a chance to start writing lyrics before the deadline ended so, as far as inspiration or backstory goes, apart from the seven note theme, I just didn’t get that far.


Good sounding axe but I ain’t no singer!

The first and only band that this song reminded me of is System Of A Down. Reminds me of a slightly more laid back version of Ariels. I could envision all sorts of vocals melodies and patterns over top of that music. If I have the time and drive, I’ll shoot a vocal down. I can’t make any promises though…, I have lots of stuff I’m working on and I tend to avoid collaborations.

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Being that Serg Tankien was running the comp, I instantly found myself writing in that style for some reason, not to mention I’ really like their music anyway.
No dramas on the collab, I’ll get it finished one way or another, even if i have to get off my lazy ass and do vocals myself.
I just thought it would be a good way to jump into the community by putting something out there.