Need a recommendation for shades/blinds in the control room

This was something I’ve been meaning to address for a while. I just got a camera system and soft box lighting for starting to do live streaming and video tutorials. When I was doing some test photography, these curtains look TERRIBLE on video. They don’t bother me when I’m working because I never have to look at them, but when I mounted a camera directly infront of me on top of the mixer everything just looked awful. The curtain rod and the whole structure can come down and I can run a discrete conduit to get my cables over the doorway. But I need something that’ll really kill a lot of light because when the sun comes blaring through the porch during the day, the glare on the TV monitor is brutal. I was thinking of going for a nice roller blind, but I’m not sure how well that would work. The clutter will be cleaned up of course…I know this room isn’t going to be easy to work with, but does anyone have any ideas what would go over on camera well?

They don’t look bad to me.

Is it the light coming through that looks bad? Can’t you just get some blackout curtains to put behind it?

Move what you you have outside of the room. or just put up white vertical 3.5" ‘slat’ typle blinds inside… or both.

Wow…ok…so you guys like the curtains?

Maybe I can just re-think the curtain rod.

Roman fold shades. They fold up or down, yet allow usable light through even when closed.
Pick a lighter color for more usable light when closed.

Sliding Panel. Each sections slides over. Allows usable light through when closed.

Vertical Roman fold shades.

maybe you could build some sort of lightweight diffuser that you could fill that doorway with and pull out if you need to use the door. It’d probably need to balsa or something though :stuck_out_tongue:

Didnt really like the curtains…

but you could add something cool like this.


Ok. So the wood bored and the wires were the real offender there. It was sort downplayed in the first photo…

Tore that curtain rod down today, and heading to Lowes to pick up a new door. I didn’t realize how badly the burglar(s) cracked the thing when they were trying to smash in the locks. I need a new window too.

I think it’ll be a lot easier to work with this: