Need a good clavinet plugin

Hey keyboard guys, anyone know of a uber realistic sounding well sampled clav library? Ticky clav and Scarbee aren’t cutting it. Anyone have something better?

Id say Omnisphere 2 , a mate of mine raves it, but like you Jono i went the NI path and I’ve personally been too scared to buy it ! :smile: Besides the expense…!! , but it sure has a truck load of creative tools you could get lost in forever…

Omnipshere 2 only seems to have one clav…perhaps I’m missing something. The one clav that’s there is quite nice though! lol

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I think its under Keyscape …opps an added on extra :open_mouth:

Its making Scarbee dipped in reverb sound pretty good! :grinning:

What about these? I think I have it, but I haven’t really used it:

Ticky clav, clavidum and one other 32bit plug(that I can’t remember) did well for me thru an amp sim and/or phaser/wah… or just creative EQ.
I try not to use them. But when I do, I just print them in a hurry and get out.
If you have waves element, there is a few OK patches. Probably could tweak them to something believable.
Have fun

This looks to be right up your alley, Jono - just reviewed in the latest Sound On Sound:

Ok! There we go. I didn’t know this thing had a clav!! yay!