Need a cello patch

Happy Holidays.
I’m working on an acoustic guitar extravaganza and I’m using a Dexed DX7 VST for a cello part to fill out the low end. Has anyone run across a convincing cello patch I should check out? Freebie would be great.

You could try this:

€49 or free if you fill out a questionnaire. You’re not going to be recreating any Hans Zimmer tracks with it, but the sounds are incredible for something so small.


I use the UVI orchestral suite which has a great cello IMO - not free though

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Here’s a sample of the VSL solo cello, not free. No reverb or eq here.

If you want to post your cello track we can test it.

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Here’s the BBC Orchestra Cello, with 3 articulations - legato, spiccato and pizzicato. There’s no extra reverb or eq - but you can hear that they are quite roomy.

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Man, the dynamics are outstanding. That is as real as it gets. Thanks.

Very authentic. I can see I need to rewrite the part to give it realistic impact.

I’m sure that @FluteCafe would agree when I say that strings are highly versatile. They can support other tracks quietly with a pad, they can sound like a voice or back-up singers, or they can be brash and up front like a horn part. And the modern string libraries can do most of this quite well.

The negative side of it is that dealing with midi key switches and controller settings and the intricacies of the audio player software is a pain.

IRD doesn’t support midi files but if you want to send one out we could probably all collaborate on a good track for your song if you don’t want to deal with the hassle, just a suggestion!

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couldnt agree more! I love whispery strings to punchy staccato strings, tremolos, you name it. if it were upto me I would sneak it in every song I could :sweat_smile:

are you looking for a sample library or do you want someone to write a cello part for your guitar extravaganza? Ideally you wouldnt want the cello to take up all your low end, they arent the best at filling out low end. You would want doublebases, or contrabasses if you want to go even bigger. If you are looking for a free vst, DSK libraries are still free I think. To be honest, if a cello is written well, free or paid wouldnt matter much if you know how to mix closely or poorly mic’ed string instruments. Lot of of EQ , delay and clever use of reverb and summing can turn free samples into blockbuster sounds.

I just finished producing a rap song and scoring the bond song, now I am on a composing hiatus and catching up on some non music work lol. If you do need something specific written I could possibly write something maybe in a week or so. Let me know!

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