Name, Justin Bieber - Cover by Clarissa

“Name” is a song by Justin Bieber, a Canadian singer songwriter, featuring Tori Kelly from Justice (Triple Chucks Deluxe) album.

Here’s Clarissa’s acoustic version of this lovely tune. Enjoy and love to hear your comments and feedback.
Hope, Peace and Love!!!


Wonderful !

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Hi JayGee,
You are so appreciated.
Your response means so much!!!
Thank you.

When is Clarissa going to join in the forum? She doesn’t like hanging out with a bunch of geeks like us? :stuck_out_tongue:

Another great cover!!

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I’m not a Justin Bieber fan, Rene, but this song has some clever lines and a sentimental melody, and Clarissa’s version is precious. Your accompaniment really helped make it shine, dude!

Is she actually in the room or is this greenscreen? If it was or wasn’t, well done.

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Hi holster,
Thanks for the invite, and I will pass this along to her.
Knowing her, and her busy schedule at this time, she will not be into the forums thing at this time.
I am just lucky, I have some recording time with her, hahahahaha.
She is also the singer for her brother, a hip-hop band in Seattle - “SendaiEra”.
Love the feedback!!!

Hi Steve,
No illusions in my recordings, hahahahahaha.
She is with us for a little while, and I am so happy to be able to record some songs with her.
Love the clever lines and sentimental melody, especially the “precious” comments!!!
Thanks Steve!!!

beautiful cover Clarissa and Rene! hope she is having fun in her visit :slight_smile:

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Hi Michelle,
I am having fun!!!
Love this.

I’m not a Bieber fan at all, but this version was enchanting, Clarissa’s voice is so capturing, and your interactive performance was very sweet and endearing. It’s a short song, so it ended before I was ready. I wanted to hear more!

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HI Stan,
Love your feedback!
No worries, we have more in store.
I am a happy camper with Clarissa, able to record music with me.
Thank you!!!


Very cool, Rene. I really enjoyed the song - I’m a real sucker for those Beatles-esq chordal devices like the “Something” verse voice-leading, and the major to minor modulation. Beautifully done, and sounding great too!

Considering what you are doing, I thought you might be interested in John Cunniberti’s “One Mic” YT video series, where he records entire bands and ensembles around a single AEA R-88 stereo ribbon mic (It’s quite a pricey mic, but there are more affordable alternatives). Check it out:

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Very cool ribbon mic.
I am noticing that on a full band setting, some instrumentalists are not truly unplugged, but this is a full band, so understandable.
Attached is a video of a full band, totally unplugged, and picked up by ETL “Edwina”, the mic I am using, for 600 dollars, pricey, but still affordable.

This duo is “Milk Carton Kids”, and I watched them live in Seattle, and that was my first time seeing the “Edwina” in action.


Yes, that is true, but there is still only one mic picking everything up. There are no mics on the individual amps, or anything else plugged in direct.

That’s very impressive - Very skilled instrumentalists and vocalists!.. as I understand it, this is the typical setup for live bluegrass-style music. One mic, and everybody “mixes” themselves by adjusting their own volume and proximity to the mic.

The main difference with this recording is that the Edwina is a mono mic, so there is no stereo width in the recording, whereas on the John Cuniberti recordings, there is a lot of stereo width and depth picked up from the room that enriches the listening experience. If you have a great room to play in, this can be a great way to go.


Hi Andrew,
Yes, the festival I attended, is a blue grass music thing.
I am not well versed with mono mic versus “stereo” for the R-88 ribbon mic.
If I ever get a chance of testing this super expensive mic, I will.
This mic might be above my pay grade, but it is truly amazing equipment.
Thanks for getting this high-grade microphone in my vocabulary.
I think my music room, which is also my recording room, is very acoustically alive, and has a lot of natural reverb which is coming from all my musical equipment hanging in and around the room (mostly acoustic guitars).
Thanks again, Andrew!!!

There are actually some great, lower cost alternatives available, for example, the Audio Technica AT4081 and the sE Electronics VR2 Voodoo Active Ribbon.

Of course, you’re getting some nice results with what you have, but I just thought you might find it interesting. Cheers!

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Probably started with early radio broadcasts.

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Truly, very interesting.
Thanks for the info.