My Wasteland mix entry

I added some vocals, a bass guitar and augmented the drums a little. If you want to know how I got rid of the hum in the guitar I used Izotope’s RX elements that I snagged on black friday, specifically the “de-noise” module putting the last 2 seconds of the guitar track on loop to get the noise profile. I sort of wish I had some noise alone to work with but it worked better than I expected.


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I’m new so I couldn’t use the traditional upload method. The link is for dropbox.

No worries! That link works for me. Great job on the mix! I’m listening on my laptop, so I can’t give it a really fair critique, but it definitely sounds good on the laptop, so it at least translates well :beerbanger:

Hey, I think you took a lot of fun mixing this song because you did and added many things and changed some to fit your personal idea.
I found it works pretty well, I really like the ambiance around the main guitar and how you enhanced the drums, tasteful!
Mixing-wise, I found some tracks a bit disconnected, like it needs some more glue or some frequency matching, especially for the lead vocal and the bass guitar. I could not find what’s sound like that to me but I had this feeling that I don’t have on some other mixes.

By the way, nice job and many thanks for the tip for removing this little annoying noise!!

Very nice job.

Very nice job of weaving the accent parts in and out of the mix. Very nice placement of the instruments, and nice wide soundstage to catch the ear. You added a lot of interest to the mix without changing the feeling of the song. Great Job!

Nice mix!

What I like:

background vox mix
intro and mix of piano
drums added
gtr solo
ending choice

What I prefer:

better balance of vox and gtr at intro (vox too loud)
prefer brushes except on and after gtr solo
mor vox on “Who knows”

Hi there.
I like how you experimented with the song.
My two suggestiongs are concerning balance.
I would prefer the “solo guitar” part and especially the bass a bit louder.
Other than that great job.

Good luck!

Nice decision for the arranging! Don’t have much words for this mixing…works well

Thank you for all the feedback guys. I appreciate it. I set a goal to try to up my mixing chops this year so it’s encouraging to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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The intro is just amazing, cosmic ad vocals are really cool too.
When comme the drums, i would have increase the main vos fader a bit.
General balance is good BTW.
The bass you is maybe pretty weak during the solo.

Congrats !!! A nice listen

I don’t think the main guitar has enough compression, the volume differences are too great, and the low end is really protruding, maybe hit the high-pass a little harder on that one because it’s mucking up the signal. The new drums sound cool, though I think the kick is a bit belligerent for the song, but the vocals are too airy for me. You got rid of all the junky frequencies, but you also took out the meat, and it’s sounding a little lacking on the bottom end of the voice. The guitar solo kind of sounds like it’s coming from out of a megaphone, that could be an effect you were going for, but it sounds heavy at 500Hz. I think you nailed the piano though, mixing wise. If you’d done that literally then you would have killed the piano.

I’m gonna need to do a Kamikaze mix of this song.

I edited the OP for the rules. I did NOT edit the song, it is the same song that everyone has been listening to on this thread.


I think Andrew went over your helmet there, kid kid.

The main guitar has a hpf set at 189hz. I didn’t compress them at all.

I don’t know what this means, I have never heard belligerent used outside of describing someone who was super drunk or high.

Slight bump at 10k (2.5db) everything else I did was subtractive. HPF at 60hz, some other cuts where the vocals sounded like they were masking the other midrange elements.

Yes this was intentional. There is no bump at 500 though, there is at 1.6k.

I am not sure what this means.

I also don’t know what this means. A helmet is safety equipment. Did you mean head?

P.S. I know what a helmet is.

Based on when you were posting, I wasn’t sure if it was just a cultural difference or something.

Also, hell yeah spaceballs.

Well at least you where able to get that hum out. Thanks for the tip on Rx. I tried Reafir but didn’t work.

Overall, things sound balanced. The added low vocal part could of been tucked in a little more so that you felt it more than hearing it thing (good idea tho). I’m getting a feeling the guitar part is sounding to mono at times. I think when the piano comes in you might have been able to spread the guitar part out some with a (delay or Pm dimension 3d plug in) which would widen the part out, then just automated it to come in at different times.

Nice job! I’ll have to look at Rx suite it worked great on this mix.

Nice mix. My only nitpick was that I didn’t care for the male bg vocal.