My try + revision (Moa22)

My try + revision (Moa22)


heard once more on old Samsung Earbuds (terrible ones) - previous pass was on AV40s (Treated room)

Mix translated well on the earbuds. Not much to add that hasn’t already been mentioned.

one simple suggestion would be to cut off a last few hits in the ending trail of the repeated cymbal glitch that starts at 1:58s I think it was cool that you repeated it in a way like maracas but I think it could do without the last few repeats that are not entirely quantized to the beat.

It got a bit too distracting for the ear buds with delay (3min - 3:10s) I think your pattern is - - - - - - ___ - -___ - - , try removing the last 2 maybe.

1:11 the phrase ending consonants could use some fade or crop.

Other than that a total earbud test success!no peaks, no crackles on the earbuds, nicely translated. Smooth!
(also I think I had under-rated the mix on my first pass, got too focused on the de-ess kept me from listening to other delicate parts of the song you had done quite a bit of hard work on I adjusted it a bit +1 )


Thank you for the gentle review FluteCafe


Happy to read this ncls, wish that we were allowed to make one revision


For future reference for other contests, the rules mention that you’re allowed to post early contest mixes in the “bash this” category before posting your actual entry. Something to keep in mind :wink:


Yeah, I was the only one that did that. Of course I mixed enough to make up for everyone that didn’t.


You could add that here, some have done this on their thread!


Only wish that a revision (like for a client) would be allowed, and still in the contest.
I did a revision, posted in my thread too