My top 10 plugins,what about yours?

1 Fabfilter pro q
2 R vox
3 R comp
4 Arouser
5 Echo boy
6 Relab 480
7 H 3000
8 Slate red bus comp
9 Waves ns
10 Waves ssl strip

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Got into Waves a couple of years ago. Still trying to find a use for KR MasTp and J37 which I wanna believe I will find a solid use for one day. Much to learn and have to work at at my age, Otherwise Logic pretty much has it covered, the night [quote=“takka360, post:1, topic:2444, full:true”]
1 Fabfilter pro q
2 R vox
3 R comp
4 Arouser
5 Echo boy
6 Relab 480
7 H 3000h
8 Slate red bus comp
9 Waves v6)8
10 Waves ssl strip

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Oh man, I’m a real newbie on the plugin scene.

  1. ReaEQ
  2. ReaComp
  3. ReaGate
  4. ReaLimiter
  5. ReaTarded
  6. ReaPerlman
  7. ReaDurham
  8. Little Plate (SoundToys)
  9. CLA Drums
  10. CLA Vocals

Least favourite plugin - DyeARea :poop:


Valhalla make fantastic verbs deffo

  1. Klanghelm Comps
  2. Boz +10db Strip (pre,eq,comp)
  3. Line 6 - LA2A
  4. Reaper 11band stock EQ
  5. Limiter No. 6 - Mastering
    6,7,8,9,10) PodFarm Platinum Guitar Amps Bass & Guitar
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Reaper 11 band stock EQ is one of the most narrow cutting I have seen

UA classic compressors
UA SSL emulators
UA Manley emulators
UA Neve 1073
Fab Filter Timeless 2
Seventh Heaven Bricasti Verb
Sound toys Devil Loc and Microshift
Empirical Labs/UA Distressor
Waves H Delay

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For super narrow cuts, I use the the Millenia MSEQ-2…and the Massive Passive Mastering Edition can make some pretty narrow cuts too.

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Some nice plugins you have there Jonathan

Thanks Takka. Its pretty much down to UAD and Waves. Everything else is icing on the cake. I really appreciate having that Bricasti, the Valhalla Verb, and the stuff like the PSP piano verb, but could I make the other stuff do something very close? Probably.

There’s a LOT of stuff the Waves plugs do that the UAD can’t, and vice versa.

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In no particular order…

Eventide Ultrachannel
Newfangled Equivocate
TDR Nova
Thrillseeker VBL (Good for bass)
Valhalla Room
Valhalla Space Modulator

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My favorite plugins are all instruments. I use my own plugins pretty much exclusively, except I do use ReaEQ all the time because I don’t have a full featured parametric EQ.

TSE B.O.D. goes on every bass track.
Guitar Rig if I don’t know what sound I want on guitars.
ReaTune or Waves tune for tuning.

I really don’t use much else, I guess. I am a VI junkie though. My favorites are:

Cinematic Strings
Heavyocity Damage
Alicia’s Keys
Superior Drummer (SSD if I’m feeling lazy)

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You do some great plugins Sir i must say .

iZotope Nectar 2
I stick this on most vocal tracks. It just has most of the things I need to process them, unless I want extra effects or something.

Celemony Melodyne
I use this to tune all my vocal tracks. I just upgraded to the Editor version for black friday and found my first use for DNA yesterday.

Native Instruments Replika
I love this delay plugin. It sounds really good to me, and there’s this “diffusion” setting that creates this really cool effect almost like a reverb. I use it all the time.

When I’m too lazy to pull out a fancier EQ plugin (which is most of the time) I grab this one.

iZotope Neutron
This has a lot of cool plugins in it. I quite like the feature that detects masking between tracks, and the EQ is big (UI wise) and easy to work with and provides a lot of variety. I don’t use the “track assistant” feature, but I do like the plugins.

iZotope Ozone 7
This is a mastering plugin, but I use it while I’m mixing, too, on the master bus. I know some people think it’s a bit taboo to apply broad strokes to a mix before it’s done, but I like to. I’m not that experienced though, lol.

Waves NX
This is that plugin that is supposed to simulate a room while mixing on headphones. I turn it on and off throughout a session to check that things sound good both ways. I tend to mix with it on, more so.

Sonarworks Reference 4
I just got a calibrated pair of HD600 headphones last week. They sound awesome. And this plugin is supposed to give them a really flat frequency response curve. I’m loving it so far.

iZotope Trash 2
I get a kick out of this plugin. It’s a cool way to transform drums/percussion. Or you can just change their character a bit.

Native Instruments Kontakt
I don’t know if this counts or not, but I use this all the time because I’m always adding virtual instruments to my project.


Fuck I forgot ultrachannel. Love using micropitch on pretty much all vocals. I’m also digging Equivocate. Match EQ settings and the sound is very clean and meticulous. Good 26 band EQ.

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Great post

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While my experience with plugins is limited, here are the ones I couldn’t do without:

  1. Line 6 Pod Farm 2
  2. XLN Addictive Drums 2
  3. XLN Addictive Keys
  4. Izotope Ozone 7
  5. Breverb
  6. VX64 Vocal Strip
  7. Line 6 Helix Native (I just got it a couple of weeks ago)
  8. GVST GTune (Helix doesn’t come with a built-in tuner :expressionless:)

Other than those, I use the included plugins in Sonar Platinum. I love the ease of use the ProChannel modules offer.


Wow. I’d have a make separate category for the Vi’s.

Heavyocity - agree there.
Vienna for strings.
Piano - Addictive keys for quick, lightweight, and flexible. Ivory for the heavy lifting on the final pass.
BFD3/Addictive for drums.
I use Chris Hein for Brass.
Native Instruments for B3.
UVI for Clav.
Addictive for Rhodes.
Arturia for retrosynth.
NI for modern Synth.

Aw! I forgot to mention Izotope in the first list. Totally dig it.

Why wouldn’t it? I mean…its a sample playback engine. The thing is, that all sample playback engines are definitely NOT created equal. I can’t say I have any real complaints about Kontakt. It has done well over the test of time.

I was looking at that one!

Just got Ozone 8 and loving it

If I’m leaving out instruments

Acon Denoiser
Acon Multiply
Midi guitar 2

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