My thoughts about music making in a little jingle

Just a boy … the song ends at 1:42…I forgot to turn it off ha ha

Just a boy from a nowhere little town…. just a boy with a dream
Got all the words runnin round inside my head no one has ever seen

When I’m alone they often come to me……driving in my car
A little voice tellin me a story……wonder who you are

Crank it up let’s hear what ya got….you could be a super star
Can ya sing can ya play… a little luck you’ll be on you way…hey hey


I REALLY like this one @feaker. I swear, you’re getting better and better as you keep coming out with more songs!

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Hi boss The town I grew up in was only 200. ha ha And yes, I always dreamed of making music for the masses. I took too long to get going recording for sure. I didn’t use a click track for this ditty and after I listen closely, I can hear the timing on the guitars are off etc. Oh well Glad you liked it


Nice one Paul - you have a knack for catchy melodies.

Is this DI’d guitars with your makeshift recording rig away from home? That’s what I call making the most of what you have. A LOT of people make excuses for not making music even though they have a LOT more gear on hand.



Hi Guy For the first time, I recorded my PRS directly in and then put an effect on it. I will do this all over and finish it when I get everything in place. Had to get my thoughts and melody first. ha ha I do things in a strange way. Thanks for listening

Hell yes! Listening on phone , so no in-depth study. Though I immediately got this vibe from it…

Sound Garden blow up the outside world.