My Soundcloud, An In Progress Album

My Soundcloud, An In Progress Album


I have a new album I’ve been developing over time called “Benevolent Pork” under the name Lÿtebulbs. Here’s my soundcloud profile. Have fun.


I enjoyed checking out your sounds CpF… some very cool eclectic surprises nestled within…
quite a sonic journey that was. Particularly enjoying the erotic dishwasher which becomes strangely mesmerising as the cycle develops. It did make the metal fillings in my teeth resonate uncomfortably sometimes.


You have more faith in my work than I do. How do you see the good in everything Emma?


Hi I visited your site this morning early before you posted this, but unfortunately I am in a big construction project at my daughters and couldn’t play anything. I was 9 hours on a ladder cutting in and will be rolling out the paint starting later tonight if I can get my pep up. I will check out your site again and have a listen. You should also check out Emma’s site and see the following she has. Holy cow…mo mo



I’m one of those followers.