My son sent me a higher energy original

My son sent me a higher energy original

nice thanks for sharing.

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Hey Paul, are you mixing these?? Because they’re pretty great!

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My son is mixing them. He sends them to me and we talk about it.

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What I’m hearing is a very good vocal performance and a well performed song. The balance of the mix is fine, and there isn’t anything standing out that needs to be fixed.

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Thanks for checking it out

liked it, overall.
Only thing that sort of jumped out at me from an aesthetics perspective was that the bass line gets slightly drowned out when the riff at 1:25 comes in.
But nothing too major, its a good listen. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree. Thanks for checking it out

Thank you for the review(s)! Now your song: this reminds me a little bit of Stone Temple Pilots (a compliment). Cool song. I like how the electric bass just doesn’t follow the guitar constantly. Nice vocals. The mix could be a tiny bit more bright for me (I’m listening on Sony MDR-7506 headphones), but that runs the risk of being more fatiguing to listen to…I’m listening again, this time I listened to it more loud. I take back my more brighter comment. The recording and song sounds very good all around! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the listen

Nice mix man ! Good energy!

I kinda agree with Bozz a bit. Maybe you could blend it a little less on the highs ?
Also, I’m listening with a subb, and starting around 55 ish there is some subb content that might be a little bit to loud. My room is FAR from perfect, so take it with a grain of salt :smiley:

Good job though !

Thanks for the listen. Alex sent me his latest version. I’m new to the board, so I’m not sure if I should post it in a reply or add it to the original post.

I usually do both. One in the original post so new people are seeing the latest mix, and one later on so that the thread is easier to follow and figure out what version people are referring to.

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Me too…you don’t have to upload the song twice, just copy the code fr the first place you post it to the second place you want it to show up.

Here is an updated version


Sounding good

Well, I thought version 1 was pretty darn good, dude! Now I’m listening to 2, and it’s probably actually better. At least I liked it a lot. Yes, all the little stereo touches kept the already strong arrangement more interesting. The basic guitar riff reminds me of MIB in overdrive, too.

Lyrics were not its strong point, which is probably no surprise, but vocals were excellent.

Thank for the listen. I liked this version better also.

I can’t seem to figure out how to add it to the original post

Done. :+1:

Thanks so much!

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