My sister is 80 today..wrote her a one minute jingle

She was five foot but now is 4’ 10". She is a a spitfire. We will sing and harmonize “the sloop john B” today. Maybe “rocky racoon” with the bro’s (4) This track took me about an hour. I originally had a three part harmony and drums. Chucked those two.


Sisters are so special… they come in big and small

My sister’s so close to the ground …we do not fear her fall

She’s always sweet to folks she meets and liked by one and all

But be aware don’t piss her off …lest you’ve come to brawl

Let’s hear it for my sissy …that she might have more years

Let’s hear it for my sissy… a chance to bend your ear

Let’s’ hear it for my sissy… her thoughts always sincere

Let’s hear it for my sissy… I raise this ice cold beer

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How sweet of you! God bless your sister on turning 80! :balloon::musical_note::tada:

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That’s a nice touching tribute. I’d be happy to have someone write a song like that about me.

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Spitfire? I am into WWII airplanes. Very nice song; I would imagine she liked it. This woman I briefly knew made it to age 98 before she passed on. I’ve had a friend since ~1973, his father is 98 and still alive. I have never known anyone personally that’s made it past 98. Had a grand father that made it to 96.

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