My own rock opera - song 2

My own rock opera - song 2


Here is the second song of my project (for bashing!). It’s mostly instrumental:

For those interested you can listen to the first one here:



Sounds good overall. One thing that bothered me was the snare stick once things start to pick up. I’d turn it down, not only volume wise but midi velocity wise (assuming its a VST). Actually the snare might sound a bit better tuned down.The rest sounds pretty decent.


I agree. Just fixed the snare/stick sounds. And added a bit of reverb to the distorted drums. This is the new version:




Hey Lukas - Sounds very good overall… just a couple of things with the vocal:

  • The vocal is overly sibilant - try taming it with a de-esser.
  • The vocal is getting swallowed up in the high mids and that is compromising its intelligibility. I think you might need to push the high mids centred around 1k more assertively. Maybe check the reverb you have on the vocal and see if cutting some low end from the reverb will help the vocal have more clarity. Also, check the reverb to ensure that it isn’t causing the sibilants to be emphasised - if so, maybe cut some high end from the reverb.


This is good stuff. I like that you have a lot of clean guitar that works melodically without shredding, harmonics and whammy that we hear so much of. And then you have some distortion for contrast that doesn’t go overboard which is cool.

As CRS says it would be nice to hear the lyrics more clearly but I like your vocal sound and I wouldn’t want to lose that so . . . . I don’t have an answer for that. Good work!


I like this - I too am a composer of guitar based instrumental music too (essentially because I can’t sing!!). I love the hypnotic beat - and the delay on the main guitar. Great Pink Floyd vibe coming thru’ around 2:45 - loved it.



I’ll try your suggestions on the vocals @ColdRoomStudio. The sibilance part is on purpose, as I want it to sound strange and “evil”… I’ll leave as it is now and tweak it for the album release.

Thanks for your feedback!