My most Challenging mix so far. help please

My most Challenging mix so far. help please
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Hey guys,
Its my first time mixing a song with this scale of elements
This is my first try mixing the song and I need your help. :slight_smile:
What did I miss out during mixing? help please and thanks in advance


Only listening on cans, as one of my studio monitors is on the blink at the moment. This sounds great. No criticism from this POV… It sounds like the first “movement” of a longer musical piece, though - am I correct in assuming that?


Thanks Andrew. yes thats right :slight_smile: its a 12min ++ song. Actually Im worrying about running out of space in the spectrum because the band really colored the song. every section has more or less 3 guitar layers, 2-3 keyboard layers with different instruments, 2-4 vocal layers and the drummer has like a mike mangini setup. Definitely a lot happening and its all new to me. Its my first time recording a progressive metal band with this much skill, color and character in songwriting, which translates into headache in mixing land LOL. but definitely worh it. :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback and cheers!


Definitely a pro performance and recording. Lots of snarl in the guitars, vocal is well placed, drums are treated very well for the song. Looking forward to the rest of the composition.


thanks styles. Im still working through the song.I’ll definitely post an updated one sooner. the deadline is next friday so I’ll definitely post before that :slight_smile: thanks for your thoughts and cheers!


I agree, it sounds really good to me. I can’t really think of anything to change. Maybe the lead gtr could come up a little in level, but maybe that’s just the gtr player in me saying that. The tone and balance of everything is pretty good.




Still looking forward to hearing the rest of this song! How’d it turn out?