My mix of Personality, please bash!

Hi, can you please check how it sounds on your systems? I used amped guitar tracks and tuned raw vocs a bit. No samples on drums. Critique welcome, thanks.

Had a quick listen and it is sounding good. I think maybe the vocals are little far in front but that is just a sensation i get from the treatment not an issue of volume.

Bashing as I listen (on PC speakers but I know them well):
Overall sounds a bit crowded in the lower mids, lack clarity there, some build up from bass and drums room perhaps. The kick is much too clicky IMHO, sounds like it’s all sub and click and nothing in between…
Looks like you used non tuned vocals, but it would need some in some places, it’s a bit sour sounding.
Not a bad attempt but needs a bit more work to get to the next level I think.

Many thanks!

I agree with everything you said after some listening, thank you so much!

The biggest thing that jumped at me was the acoustic guitar. I have no problem having it panned just to one side, but it needs to be brought down in volume some. The volume level messes with the mix also when the acoustic stops and then starts again. Interesting mix other than that.

Nice job so far…
There is something “following” or attached to the lead vocal in the chorus. It’s a little distracting.
Is it just treated repeats from a delay? It sounds almost like a machine or a pump…It might be something from the gtrs, too that is just too close to the vocal.
The tuned vox file that is included in the session is really well done. Might be worth it to use as the main vox and just use the untuned ones for effects.
have fun

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nice. Bass guitar has nice tone but I thought it was an ounce too prominent in the intro

Intro. if it were me I might try it without the first time thru the chords. In other words it goes thru the 4 chords and THEN the lead comes in and it goes thru them again, and then there is the little green day intro at around :24 secs in.

The lead vox dont come in until like :39 secs in. Some songs are thru with the 1st chorus by that time.

So might would try it essentially STARTING where that lead lick comes in

build on the 2nd verse was nice

Chorus could use plenty more building…just going nuts like Queen would do lol. maybe even some sort of counterpoint around the line “I never thought” etc

The bridge/interlude is cool but maybe could use a lead lick and/or a couple vocal ad libs

Nice work though.

The first 4 chords fooled me, I thought it was going to be a classic bonJovi-esque ballad…until it went more Green Dayish.

It made me think of this song

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ok, just for a minute pretend I have no clue what a “tuned vocal” is…help me out. (autotune? sample?)

Thanks very much guys for feedback, I lowered acoustics a bit as well as bass in the intro. The weird sound following the vocs in the chorus is a octave down and distorted copy of main voc. Intended, but too loud indeed. I lowered it for the official version.

The multitrack download included a raw vocal track AND a tuned vocal track. I’m assuming that the vocals were professional “hand-tuned” in melodyne or similar rather than just slammed thru autotune.

The raw track had quite a few sour notes, either sustained or trailing at the end of phrases. If you put autotune on it enough to fix those notes, it messes with the rest of the vox too much.

On my mix of this tune you can get an idea of how much it does this. I hard-tuned or over did it on the raw track and blended it into the main, cleanly tuned track. That’s what gives the phasey, vibey tone to the LV throughout the whole mix. I don’t think that many folks like it. But I sorta do… :slight_smile:

Cool! Might want to check the latency on those plug as it seems to be right behind the vox rather than along side it. If you printed it, see how it lines up…
It might just be building up. But it’s worth a look.

oops, I forgot this was a contest thing lol.

i was bashing it as if it were an original

“raw” and “tuned”…yeah imma have to study up on that 1 lol

I like the nice thick kick drum. This is more of a taste thing, but I like vocals with not so much reverb for this style of music. good job though on the song :slight_smile: