My mix of Bitter by Fytakyte

Even though he’s probably sick to death of listening to other mixes of this, here’s my take on Andrew’s song. :wink:

On another forum we are doing a “mix challenge” with Andrew’s song Bitter with the added challenge of using only one plugin of each: EQ, Compressor, Saturator, Limiter, Reverb and Delay. These are the ones I ended up using.
EQ : Studio One’s ProEQ
Compressor: Vertigo VSC-2 from Plugin Alliance
Saturator : VPre-73 by Black Rooster Audio
Limiter : The Wall by Boz Digital
Reverb : Waves Manny Marroquin Reverb
Delay : Waves Waves Manny Marroquin Delay

Revision (9.28):

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Hey Mike, I really like the arrangement choices you made, and the blends in the harmonies as well.

The mix sounds nice and warm and full, and the balances are very good. It’s a little too full in the low mids for my taste, and could use a touch more brightness up high, but overall, I like it.

One thing I’m not too keen on is the “roomy” sound on the vocals - The impression I get is that it puts the vocals a little behind the instruments in the soundstage.

Nice work!

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Thanks for listening Andrew. I’ll take a look at the EQ and verb.

Re: the arrangement - First off, I’m very hesitant to play with arrangements that I know have been poured over and thought out. In this case I wanted to highlight the snare “knock-knock-knock” in the 2nd verse, and in the process of doing that, rather than just turn up those hits, I thought muting the rhythm electrics might be a way to draw attention, and I kind of liked it. Then I extended the muted guitars a few more bars to help build the energy in the 2nd verse. Anyway, glad you liked it!

Revision uploaded to the first post…

Sounds great - Nice work!

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where is this? I’d love to follow it and see what people are doing. Is it still going on?

It’s over on Dueling Mixes. It’s a closed forum unless you are an active subscriber. (or were an active subscriber) :wink:

It’s not a “contest” either, i.e. no prizes, just a “challenge”. It ends Sept 30. Hurry, you can still get in!