My manic mix off mixing attempt...Why wait - Personality

My manic mix off mixing attempt...Why wait - Personality


tried the brauerizing technique, didnt use the di tracks,have fun listening
Why Wait - Personality_Ed van Schloensing Mix

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All your sounds are good and the balance sits right for most of the tracks, you’ve done a lot of things right here, however what I think gets in the way is the compression, I’m not sure if it’s the kick or just triggered by it but there’s some slight pumping there and the kick overpowers the mix, I’d bring the kick down at least 3db and make sure that it’s felt more than heard.
The only other advice I would offer is that I think the background vocals are too prominent I’d actually suggest a low pass filter on them to get them in the background and turning the main vocals up a bit.
Glad to hear your work, definitely keep it up!


I like it.
With only a few tweaks I believe it could ne 20% better.
I agree 100% with Tachin1.
I would also add that I’d prefer the backing vox to be a couple db lower and panned wider.
Also in the instrumental part at 2:12 it would be nicer to bring up the guitars a few db as they play the main role in that part.
Finally some more high end on the toms.
That’s about it.
Very good effort in general!


hey teachin, thx for your comments, maybe u are right about the kick, did some parallel compression on kick and snare together but could be a little less :wink:


Hi there michtl, nice take on the song :slight_smile:
I hear some problematic areas of the mix that could, if resolved, lead to a great sounding mix.
First you have a low midrange buildup of frequencies that leaves the mix sounding muddy, the main culprit here is the bass guitar and the kick, they are really not complementing each other very well, the bass could use a bit of a cleanup in the lower mids, but when the kick hits alongside, it just makes a muddy mess playground :slight_smile: I would either try a different EQ approach on the kick (scoop out the low mids, tighten up the low end, and give it more attack in the upper mid range) or I would just replace/augment it with a sample. Why not even different samples, that is one of my favorite things to do: find a kick drum sample that has an amazing low end, filter out the highs and save it as a low kick drum, (even process it further more with sub oscillators, compression etc. ) and then add it to taste whenever you feel a kick you’re working on lacks the tight low end. Using the same method find a kick sample that has an amazing attack, filter out the lows, and make it your own sample so you could add it whenever you need more definition from a kick. I use this methods even in different parts of the song, say the choruses need more of the kick drum, instead of increasing the level of the kick and disturbing the low end balance, or EQ-ing the high end and bringing up all the garbage (bleed of the drum kit from the kick mic), I just add the high end attack sample and it works like magic :slight_smile:
Second, the OH could use more of a high shelf boost, that would really open up a mix.
As mentioned above, some back vocals level tightening to sit more with the main vocal parts.
Definitely sibilance on the vocals, it’s a bit distracting, and it pops out so much because it has no other high end information to blend into (OHs)
I love the ambience you did on vocals, for my personal taste, the drums could be processed more with some room reverberation, a bit too dry, but still this is just a personal taste.
Overall great job, you are definitely getting there, keep up the good work! :blush:


thx so much, good input, did this mix very quick, took me 4 hours, just wanted to try out a new setup…but a little more time would have helped :wink: i keep that in mind for the future


Sure, no problem :slight_smile:
4 hrs? wow with that being said, you did an amazing job :slight_smile: The tweaks I’m talking about could use your whole day of mixing, with only 4 hours to go, you did pretty darn good.
Have fun mixing :slight_smile:


Balances seem to be fine, but I think the overall mix has too much low end in comparison to overall brightness. It may be question of monitoring.
Somehow it feels that vox is only bright element. Listen the moment when the vox stops and the solo starts at 2:14. As if the blanket is thrown above the monitors.


I like the vocal treatment and the guitars. I think though that the whole thing is smashed to hard. If you don’t already i would suggest using several compressors at different stages to rather than smashing it at the end. I am not saying that is what you did but it is what it sounds like to me. Thanks for sharing.


i used 5 aux with different compressors for the vocal, vers i used 3 and in the hook 5, every compressor not more than 3db gainreduction


Yeah i suspected that you had that is why I said it sounded like you didn’t but usually when i think that i find out i am wrong. So i am not sure why it sounds so overcompressed to me. I will have to have another listen and see if i can hear what it is that is bothering me.


i mean there i a mixbus compressor ssl but only with 2db…will have to listen again when i am home :smiley:


hmm It is maybe just that the vocals are too loud and give the illusion that the instruments are being overly compressed.


to my ears the mix seams to be a bit dark. except for the vocals. it sound like they don’t fit together. The vocals are so forward the the apear to leave the rest of the mix behind.

Good fel to the instruments just a bit dark, vocal treat is nice . try using some Mid Side procesing sidechained to the band mix to leave room for the vocal in the middle that should pullthe mix together.


Good luck


I believe what you are sensing are the vocals a little thin in the mid range for the overall instrumentation which is a little “fuller” and less shiny.

A slight 2-3 db hi shelf cut on from 5-6k could and a deesser from around 7.*k could help on a situation like this one and smoothen it out a little.

The vocals themselves are a little thin because, well, that’s how the vocalist was built! :stuck_out_tongue: I would recommend in this case focusing a little on the mid range if you’re looking for that analog sound on the rest of the instruments so they come in harmony with the rest of the mix.

Personal opinion: Love the mix, the instrumental bridge could be a little more powerful and just be careful with popping out vocals with the high ends.


I agree with Olli and Thomas that the mix seems pretty dark, except the vocals. The instruments seem to have been dulled by EQ or some other processing. This causes the vocals to not sit into the music. And the kick/bass energy is too powerful, as well as a lot of low-mids from them (and maybe guitars) congesting the mix. Probably clearing out the low-mids overall could improve the mix significantly.

Since you mixed this in 4 hours, it’s somewhat understandable that you didn’t address everything, and if you were on a new setup the monitoring may have thrown things off. Check your room for low-mid response perhaps.