My Love, Unchanging - Original Composition 2022

For all the dreamers and the lovers of this wonderful world!
There is hope and love.
Life and love is a journey, and like a living organism, both has to be tended to and fed.

This song is especially dedicated to my lovely wife, Mimi!!!

Original composition by Rene A, JUN 2022.


This is a really beautiful song. Nice singing and playing as well as a stunning guitar. I couldn’t help staring at the finish on it. Anyway, I hope your wife appreciates the wonderful song your wrote for her.

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Flawless…beautiful…kinda waited for a big chorus. You need to get a promotional rep

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Dang this is good!

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Hi Chandler,
This all koa, BTO Taylor is truly a gem.
I actually tuned this guitar down by two frets, from E to D.
My wife, likes this tune, but she does not know about the dedication.
I will leave it as a surprise for a later “special” time.
Thank you, Chandler!!!

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Hi feaker,
Always a pure pleasure to hear from you!!!
I don’t think I had a big chorus on this song, but hope you like what I had.
“Promotional Rep” - wow - truly a huge compliment!!!
Thank you!!!

Hi holster!
Your words mean so much - this is a huge compliment!!!
My friend and neighbor did like this song, and to him, this is my best song so far!!!
Love your wonderful comment!!!