My least favorite part of being a professional studio....right here:

My least favorite part of being a professional studio....right here:


Doh! Waves and UAD both released updates at the same time. To make matters worse I just got the Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultiamte installed too.

That’s Logic, Digital Performer, and Reaper all re-scanning the Waves and UAD libraries. Then Machine, Ableton and Cubase get their turn next. Then Finalie and Sibelius take their lovely time doing the same. Story of my life!


Ughhh, yeah, that’s super annoying. Every time I upgrade something, I dread what it will break. Plus all these license registration thingies have gotten ridiculous.


I feel like I have the license/registration thing under control, its more the inefficiency of the updates. And the things never pass on their first try. There’s always crashes in the scanning process, and you have to manually re-start them. There’s also a few plugins that ask to access system permissions which is completely ridiculous in my opinion lol.


I dread going from Windows 7 to 10 someday as I know I will lose something permanently like Alchemy that is no longer in business. Updates can be disruptive, but digital distribution of everything nowadays, even with gigabyte sized files, is amazing.

I try to keep everything in default locations for good luck.


I hope you have better luck than I did updating Waves. I never did get my plugins settings back in Reaper. I even talked to Waves support and deleted and reinstalled everything but nothing worked. It was only in Reaper though, and luckily I had just switched so I didn’t lose a ton of work. But now that I’ve been doing some recording for other people and getting paid for it I cant take any chances with updates screwing things up like that.


The best way to avoid this issue is to print every track after your done a project so that you don’t need the plugins. If you go back years later you’ll still have your work.


Why the heck are you running so many DAWS @Jonathan


Clients move projects in on them. A lot of VO and local musicians are on Reaper. A lot of producers on Live. Main pro clients are Nuendo and PT. 90% ProTools.


Funny, When I have clients send me files I get them to export dry and wet versions and use logic. I am not having people rent my space though.


Yes, I ask them to bring the stems. I’m far too old and set in my ways to be messing about with multiple DAWs. I can’t even operate the one I’ve got properly.